...Anti-Drugs Activist Calls On Pres. Boakai

By: Perry B. Zordyu

Monrovia-Jan-30-TNR: An anti-drugs group under the banner, “Drugs Free World Africa,” in collaboration with Students Against Drugs is calling on President Joseph Nyumah Boakai to immediately revoke the appointment of Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) boss-designate, Abraham Kromah.

The group alleged that Mr. Abraham Kromah who previously served as Deputy Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (102) for is unfit for the job and a complete breach of laws and policies of the LDEA.

The group through its Lead Advocate, Michael Lilah said the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) is neither a political dumpsite nor a political payback entity for one to occupy. Mr. Lilan added that the appointment of former Deputy Police Inspector General as the new LDEA boss-designated A.B Kromah is completely outside and not in line with the laws and policies of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency.

He named the LDEA Duty Manual, Code of Conduct and the Act that established the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency that make A.B Kromah to be unfit and unqualified for the post.

The Lead Campaigner for Anti-drugs and Executive Director of Drugs Free World Africa has vowed to partner with anti-drugs institutions along with all anti-drugs activists to fight against drugs to see that Liberia becomes a drug-free state.

At the same time, the group has called on members of the Liberian Senate not to confirm the former dismissed Duty Police Inspector General now LDEA General Director-designated Abraham Kormah as they described him as someone who knows nothing about drugs as per the guidelines and policies of the LDEA.

“We are calling on the Liberian Senate to mandate all presidential appointees to be subject to a drugs-free test before confirmation along with members of the 55th Legislature as well as the President and Vice President,” he added.

Mr. Michael Lilah believes if such is done drugs and harmful substances will be eradicated from Liberia and the country will be a drug-free state and returns to normality.

Quoting Chapter IV, section 4.1.3 page 7 of the LDEA Laws and Policies, Mr. Lilah stressed that the LDEA boss-designate has failed to abide by and do his drug test, submit to the Senate or the Public since his appointment by President Joseph Boakai.

Chapter IV, Section 4.1.3 Page 7 of the LDEA Laws and Policies states, “A General Director of the LDEA must do a successful examinations; medical including drug test before exceeding as Director General/of the entity.”

It further states that the General Director must not have been dismissed from the LDEA or any statutory security agency for any substantive reason(s), must have a clean record and should not be facing any criminal charges or subject to any investigation of war crimes, crime against humanity or any crime that violates international human right convention something they said the LDEA boss-designate has been booked for.

On May 4, 2015, Abraham Kromah and two other officers were dismissed by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for allegedly shooting a motorcyclist in Monrovia, pointing out that the dismissal violates human rights and he committed a crime against humanity thus calling on the Senate to put a hold on his confirmation.

The Drugs Free World Africa and Students Against Drugs is an Anti-drugs institution that seeks to foster a free drug country and ensure that it becomes vibrant for all citizens.

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