By Jamesetta D Williams

MONROVIA-Information Minister Jerelimik Matthew Piah has embarked on the renovation of the ministry since his appointment by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

As part of the renovation work at the ministry, the Minister and his team began the work at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism conference room. The conference has completely be changed to a new conference  room under the leadership of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai administration with the support from the new MICAT boss.

Speaking at the Ministry of information’s regular press briefing on behalf of all media Reporters assigned at the ministry, Morris T Weltte, President of Reporters at the information Ministry applauded and appreciated Minister Piah for the reconstruction work of the conference room of the ministry.

Many Reporters disclosed that for the past six years they have not gotten any good facility in the conference room of MICAT. According to them, with the coming of Minister Piah, there has be massive change taking place at MICAT.

Minister Piah narrated that the reconstitution of MICAT is not attacked to government’s budget. He said there was no money left in the budget of the ministry by the past administration.

Minister Piah noted for the past six years there has been no electricity at the Ministry of Information or reconditioning of the building.  He added that the entire building hosting the ministry of information doesn’t have a stand-by generator or power supplier that when LEC power is off there is no other way of getting electricity.

According to Ministry Piah, there were serious issues and concerns with the financial burden of MICAT that left him speechless. He said he realized that other ministries and agencies have been working to have operational resources but unfortunately, the Ministry of information do not have the same as compared to other ministries and agencies as there is no budget to run the ministry.

Minister Piah disclosed that the new changes at the ministry is based on the relationship that was built in the past. He said they thought his administration will not change the entire building due to insufficient budgetary allotment, but assured that the process will take time to complete.

Minister Piah said his team at the ministry is focusing on changing the environment that will make other government officials and media reports comfortable.

Mr. Piah disclosed that President Boakai is strongly working to ensure stable electricity in the country adding that few days ago President Boakai visited the Ivory Coast concerning the issue of stable electricity. He said negotiation is presently ongoing as stable electricity will be available in the country in the shortest possible time.

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