Liberia News: ZOGOS SPEAK

By: Perry B. Zordyu

Monrovia-Feb-6-TNR: Some disadvantaged youths otherwise known as Zogos at the Zimbabwe Ghetto in Paynesville have expressed serious joy for the nomination of Mr. Abraham Kromah as the new Director of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA)

The expressed happiness over the appointment of Col. Kroman to lead the entity but cautioned him of his role.

Speaking recently, Abraham Toe popularly known as F-Force (5 Star) said the appointment made by President Joseph Boakai is perfect and they embraced it but want Kromah to prioritize the arrest of drug traffickers rather than only the users.

Abraham Toe stressed that militarily moving on disadvantaged youths or Zogos will not ease or eradicate the inflow of drugs but rather worsen and make it a complex problem that he will not maintain the force.

“We like the appointment of AB Kromah and we are willing to work with him. But let me be very clear, beating on us, driving us from the ghetto is not the solution but rather creating a rehabilitation center for us to go,” he added.

He further stated that with the over 70 men and 26 women under his watch, they have all agreed to leave the ghettos but want the government to build a facility where they will be seen doing possible things for livelihood.

The head of the disadvantaged youths in Zimbabwe ghetto maintained that rehabilitating young guys and women from the ghetto without reintegration will cause a serious setback and lead to their being back into the ghettos something he said is not good and can increase their appetite for drugs and thus will risk the community.

At the same time, Abraham Toe is calling on the LDEA boss-designate Abraham Kromah to work closely with disadvantaged youths in tracking drug dealers as they can identify and know various users.

“We also want or Abe Kromah to make some of us part of his patrol team. We know how to catch those guys who have substances. And without us, they cannot sell. So, let the LDEA new boss work with us if he succeeds and wants to see this country free from drugs. We are tired and willing to leave the street but until those who sell them leave, is difficult. That is why we want the new LDEA boss and his team to cooperate with us so we can weed those dealers out,” the 5-Star of Zimbabwe Ghetto noted.

Meanwhile, Abraham Toe is calling for robust rehabilitation and reintegration programs that will enable them learn the diversity of skills and knowledge for the betterment of society.

Weah nominated For an Award

Former Liberian President George Weah has been clinching prestigious awards even when he was president and outside his presidency.

The former Liberian leader has again been nominated for the African Heritage Awards (AHA) that is expected to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The organizer, Heritage Times in a statement over the weekend said the award is aimed to honor African greats who have impacted immensely to the advancement of humanity.

At the same time, it is to specially honor distinguished African personalities, who have dignified themselves through remarkable achievements across the globe, whilst creating sustainable impact to uplift others.

Besides conferring international prestige and recognition, the awards will focus on the critical importance of culture and leadership, which according to a release, lies at the core of any shared advancement of socio-economic and political development in Africa.

The Awards is also primed to cast a spotlight on individuals who, under challenging circumstances, have empowered Africans and impacted their sphere of influence to pave the way for sustainable and equitable development.

It furthered quotes that the recognition and awards have become imperative to sustainably foster the African culture of excellence, promote Afrocentrism, and create an ecosystem that will further retell the true African story towards the advancement of the continent’s full potential.

According to a release, it is expected that this year’s edition will be more remarkable and historic, as it will be chaired by His Excellency, Sir Seretse Khama Ian Khama, former President of Botswana, and will be attended by former Heads of State and Captains of Industries across the African continent.

Taking cognizance of the reality that Africa is the root of a plethora of people all over the world who continue to thrive and evolve despite the limitations and challenges stemming from stereotypes, the organizers of the AHA strongly affirm that the event will contribute immensely to changing the global perception of Africans, and also spur the needed critical mass for the attainment of cultural evolution and revolution in sustainable development.

The African Heritage Awards is a gathering strategically organized to celebrate and recognize outstanding global accomplishments of Africans within the continent and in the Diaspora in areas of Business, Politics, Philanthropy, Entertainment & Arts, Culture, Science & Technology, and Social Innovation.

The event will take place in Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa’s most populous city.

Besides former President George Weah, others nominated for the award include John Dramani Mahama, former President of Ghana, Her Excellency, Mama Rachael Ruto, First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, and Founder of Mama Doing Good Organization, among others.

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