Liberia News: You Will Be The Drivers Of The Change.


As Liberian youth remain in a state of destitution and continue to seek better futures amid poverty and drug abuse which has caused others to become wayward, Liberia’s new President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has assured them of a brighter future under his administration.

Delivering his Inaugural Address on Monday, January 22, 2024, the Liberian leader assured the youthful population of Liberia that they will be the drivers of the change his new administration seeks.

President Boakai extending a hand of partnership to the young people of Liberia added, “Our agenda will create the space you need.” To be part of the change, President Boakai told the youth, “You must therefore prepare yourselves to play a significant role in changing your country.

President Boakai said to Liberian youth, “Let me now speak directly to the youth. You will be the drivers of the change we seek. As our future, you are invited to be more involved as we explore ways of working with you to develop a national service program to help prepare young people for future leadership roles.”

To Civil Society organizations in the country, the new Liberian leader said, “Your voice will matter because you will make us better. We extend a hand of partnership to you to collaborate with us in ways that reinforce our roles to improve the conditions of our people and elevate our country.

The President pledged the commitment of his administration to the public good to work for the millions of Liberians waiting for the beginning of a new day and to build the people’s trust in their government and institutions.

To you, my fellow Liberians across the length and breadth of our great country, let us this day begin a process of national renewal and make this century the Liberian century. Let us unite and build together,” Boakai added.

Speaking directly to his fellow compatriots, President Boakai noted, “Let us resolve to make our country a truly bright and shining star“the Lone Star Forever.” And in so doing, let us reflect on the words of our national hymn: “In union strong, success is sure. We cannot fail.”

Speaking to the business community Boakai assured that the country is always open to business a legitimate business that links to his government’s development agenda, creation of wealth, increased productivity, and serious participation of Liberians in the economy.

He said Liberia can only be built by Liberians with the help of others. We support business profitability, but we will avoid profitability that does not translate to general economic prosperity for citizens. Growth must come with development, and growth must be equitable. We will welcome Foreign Direct Investment but in a partnership that will ensure our people benefit fully from our resources,” the Liberian Chief Executive noted.


To the Liberian Diaspora Community in the United States and worldwide President Boakai noted, “We recognize your role in the effort to build the society and help improve the country’s political, economic, and social conditions. The Diaspora Community will have a pivotal role in our government and be an important partner in the renewal we seek for Liberia.

President Boakai assured that his administration will seek new engagements to leverage the critical mass of the Diaspora in national development adding, “Im, therefore, announcing the holding of periodic Diaspora Conferences to enhance diaspora engagement in national development.

On the issue of corruption, the Liberian leader pointed out that corruption is a menace and a drawback. He said commitment to the application of the rule of law will be essential in the fight against corruption, as halting the tide of public corruption is an important part of his development agenda for the transformation of our country. We must, accordingly, reset the fight against corruption and impunity to demonstrate firmness and resolve,” he noted.

Speaking on the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia, the Liberian leader added, “We have decided to set up an office to explore the feasibility for the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court (WECC) to provide an opportunity for those who bear the greatest responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity to account for their actions in court. An estimated quarter of a million of our people perished in the war. We cannot forever remain unmoved by this searing national tragedy without closure.


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