…Defies NSA; Threatens A ‘Bitter Liberia’

Monrovia-April-10-TNR:Montserrado County District#10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has gotten on the rampage again this time defying the National Security Agency (NSA) as he marched through the streets of Monrovia with group of individuals believed to be militants on Tuesday.

As he paraded through the streets of Monrovia yesterday, the Montserrado lawmaker threatened the peace of the country saying that he will give President Joseph Nyuma Boakai a bitter Liberia.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Kolubah who rained insults on President Boakai on Sunday at a news conference warned the Liberian leader to desist from allegedly witch hunting Liberians who were employed by former President George Weah’s government.

In hash tone while addressing President Boakai, YekehKolubah said, “Govern yourself well, stop the witch hunting or else, we will give you a bitter Liberia.”

Rep. Kolubah who was invited by the NSA for questioning for his continuous threatening comments of the state was on yesterday morning seen marching the main streets challenging the NSA to come and arrest him. He added,”I’m walking with everything so let them come and arrest me. “

Yekeh said his advocacy is to liberate his people and to ensure that the system works even if it did not work in the past, now is the time to have it corrected. Rep. Kolubah said he is always in the opposition because ruling administrations of the country have failed to live up to their promises made to their people over the period.

Seen with a campus based group, the Progress Students Alliance (PROSAC), the controversial lawmaker reechoed to the current government headed by President Boakai that he has a black bearer group and if President Boakai failed to organize himself well, he will give him a bitter Liberia.

Mr. Kolubah and his supporters chanted political slogans in a military faction and subsequently marched to his Capitol Building office for Session.

Meanwhile, his latest statement has been condemned by scores of Liberians who called on the law enforcement agencies to do the needful for the safety of them as his continuous threatening statements have the propensity to undermine the hard earned peace currently being enjoyed by Liberians.

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