Liberia News: Yekeh Exposes Boakai

District  number ten Representative, Yekeh Kolubah has accused president Joseph Boakai of  a legislative  ‘coup plot’ to remove speaker,  Fonati Koffa because he does not want to see him head that position.

He told news men over the  weekend that he was given a coupon by  representative Prince Toles of district eight MontserradoCounty. That, said coupon came from the minister of State,  Hon. Sylvester Grigsby  with the intention of seeking ways to remove the speaker.

Recently, Hon.  Koffa and his deputy, Thomas Fallah both of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) of former president, George Weah were elected. Their elections were not welcome by the ruling party.

Since the elections,  there has been speculations that the ruling party, headed by president Joseph Boakai is seeking ways to remove the speaker  from office.

In their quest to remove him,  Rep. Kolubah said he received the coupon requesting him to go to  a Lebanese  furniture  store, JMart to take goods worth  US4,500(Four thousand five  hundred united states dollars).

He said, “Joseph Boakai is who he is and he is not going to use my hand to steal the Liberian people money.”

Kolubah  continued: “We do not need this money. We are already making money. If we want to buy furniture for our offices,  we will  use our budget, it has operational  line. Why should Joseph Boakai sit there to say there is no money in the country, no money in the country, but he is making place to put his family people. ?”

“Joseph Boakai you want to put me in your corruption business? Your corruption you want to do?”

According to him, JMart manager admitted that it was  hissignature.

“The Lebanese man admitted that this is his signature. He   is telling me to come and  collect what I want.  I do not want to collect anything. Let  Joseph Boakai come and collect all the money.”

Hon. Kolubah said, defeated candidate for speakership, Hon. Joseph Koon told him that the money was intended for his block; meaning that those who voted for him during the speakership election early this year.

“According to honorable Koon, it is for members of his block that voted for him.”

Yekeh continued: “because you want to remove Fonati Koffa.  You do not want to see Fonati Koffa at all cost, so you are bringing  this to  us”.

“I am going to turn this  to honorable Fonati Koffa as evidence. We will send for the minister of state,  let him  show reason  why they are giving members of the house US$4,500(Four thousand five hundred dollars).

“I do not work with the minister of state. This is bribery in the highest level. This is corruption in the highest level. Broad day corruption.”

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