Liberia News: Why LDEA officials Clash?

Monrovia-When the Director General of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) Mr. Abraham S. Kromah, Deputy Director General for Administration, Mr. Gbawou Kowou, and the Deputy Director General for Operations, Mr. Hassan Fadiga of the Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) were slapped with suspension a few weeks ago by President Joseph N. Boakai, not much was known.

“The President has in the meantime ordered an investigation of the events occurring at the Agency on June 3, 2024. He-said, “the acts of disorder and chaos that took place at the headquarters of the LDEA were unacceptable.” Such acts, the President continued, threaten public peace and undermine the Government’s fight against illicit drugs,” the statement released by the government said.

However, multiple sources in and out of Liberia told this paper late Sunday that there is in house fight due to alleged shielding of some drugs traffickers in Liberia. The names were not disclosed.

“What we know here is that Director Kromah’s two deputies have been trying to compromise some drug dealers.  This is an allegation. They had series of meetings with them without the consent of their boss. At one point in time, the Director got an Intel that his two under men were allegedly striking deals with those people and in exchange for huge sums of cash,” one source said.

Another source said some of those people were connected to the One hundred million drugs case which the government, under the administration of former president, George Weah did not win.

“Those people see Director Kromah as an obstacle to their business in West Africa. What we have heard from some our contacts is that the two deputies approached the Director after meeting with one of the dealers, who is based in Senegal. They contacted the Director to see about the possibility of slowing down and in return, there would be a ‘handsome handshake’. But their boss refused,” the source said.

Another source added that those connected with the US$100M drugs deal were active and seeking ways to solidify their business, but were facing some difficulties.

It can be recalled that last year after the drugs was discovered, this paper contacted one Bila from AbiJaoudi business center for comment. He was later referred to one Nimley (Pia), who said THR Warehouse, where the drugs were seen in containers, did not know anything about the drugs.

“Most of the drugs dealers in this country see Director Kromah as a stumbling block and want to use his two deputies to get him out of the way. His two deputies are fighting a proxy war.

This paper made several calls to the three suspended officials but there was no response.

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