Monrovia-Feb-13-TNR: The National Elections Commission is expected to conduct by-elections in Nimba and Grand Gedeh counties.

Following the mandate of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Board of Commission through its Chairperson, AmoseKamara, the Clerk of Election has issued Election Writs to Magistrates in upper and lower Nimba and Grand Gedehcounties.

This is to fill in the vacancies created by the election of Vice President Jeremiah Koung and the passing of Grand GedehDistrict two Representatives.

The Elections Magistrates were further mandated to open the process and alert political parties and interested individuals desiring to participate in the process immediately which will run mid-March 2024.

The magistrate will also report to the Election Clerk who will subsequently present same to the Commission on how the election was conducted.

Responding on behalf of the Magistrates, Milton Paye, Senior Magistrate said they received the writ in good fate and will work to the commission’s expectation by holding free, fair and credible elections. Paye noted that they will perform the task with the highest dependence on accuracy.

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