Monrovia-February-29-TNR:The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) has reminded President Joseph Nyuma Boakai that his government cannot fight corruption with rhetoric.

In a special statement, EFFL said, “There were many voices being heard during the country’s elections last year; talking about the fight against corruption, building a strong and vibrant economy, restoring investors’ confidence and increasing public trust in the judiciary and the justice system. The voice that captured the minds of Liberians the most was that of H.E. Amb. Joseph N. Boakai, because rhetorics were missing from his voice. He sounded honest and passionate about the challenges confronting Liberia and the need to address them immediately.”

EFFL added, “We in EFFL got excited and motivated by his vision and agendas for Liberia. We supported him with our all by taking some serious risks with our lives because we had in our minds that it’s about time to sacrifice for the country we call our own.”

The political party noted that, “The elections are over and the battle for genuine and collective efforts to restore the missing credibility in the country’s governance process has begun, but the road leading to a robust fight against corruption at the moment is not encouraging.”

EFFL added, “The Rescue Team needs to refuel to generate the needed energy on the fight against corruption.”

According to the party, few weeks ago, the President commissioned the GAC to audit NSA, EPS and CBL, but the process is perhaps not generating public trust.

“We attended meetings intended for Assets Recovery and our TOR was outlined. Up to now, we are still awaiting presidential announcement to begin going after Government’s stolen assets, both at home and outside of Liberia. The process is taking 360 degree backwards path without any justifications from those who called us,” EFFL noted in its statement.

The Commander-in-chief of EFFL, Emmanuel Gonquoiadded that without trying to witch-hunt officials of the previous administration, “I don’t see the GAC well-intentioned about fairly implementing the President’s agenda on the fight against corruption.”

He noted that the loyalty to President Weah by senior officials of the GAC is playing well to the advantage of the ex-President and his officials. “The truth will be missing from audit and the George Weah administration will be empowered by the audit reports to reengage into the 2029 debate. Early misteps will only create a viable opposition and the Government will struggle with poor PR. My advice is, the Rescue Team must keep focused.”

He observed that there is this growing mindset in CDC that they are returning to power in 2029 and backdoor discussions are already taking place to cover-up for them through the GAC.

“Trust me, the President is well intentioned about Liberia and he’s prepared to fight for a better Liberia.  However, the President can’t do this all by himself. His advisors are beginning to miss targets and in most instances than not, are not helping his office. The President is extremely busy with repairing the lost image of Liberia but nationally, they are expected to keep the President reminded about key issues bordering on campaign promises but it’s like they are only excited to be seen around the presidency but with little or no impact on national governance – this, putting additional responsibilities on the President,” Emmanuel Gonquoi noted.

He added, “Why are you trying to give CDC reasons to be in the media for all the good reasons?  If we must keep CDC in the media, we must do so for the wrong reasons from day one by focusing on genuine audits of their administration.”

“Our country lost millions if not billions to corruption under the Weah’s leadership and the current administration can’t afford to offer political rhetorics on the fight against our country’s most recognized enemy. If we must succeed as a nation, we must be honest about our collective desire to fight corruption,” Gonquoi added.

He noted, “Once again, the President can’t do it all by himself. We must all help him to succeed. This President is calm, humble and honest just about everything regarding governance, but he might just forget certain things because it’s normal. He only needs honest people around him to help him keep his promises to Liberians.”

He said the EFFL has reminded the office of the President that we need an independent contractor to audit the immediate past regime and we as well need an Access Recovery Task Force to begin going after Government’s stolen access immediately. “For us in the EFFL, we don’t promise as it’s associated with political rhetoric, but we commit.”

“I feel for the President, who is working beyond 24 hours like a 20 years old man trying to pull up trigger for Liberia. But I am beginning to have discomfort with the advisers in the room. Please! Let us help the President succeed because we will fight openly those who want to misdirect the Rescue Team.”

“We in EFFL are committed to moving Liberia forward with an unapologetic radical approach to governance. The EFFL is well-suited with professionals and patriots because we believe in superior logic in our Party, Gongoi added.

Among other things, Mr. Gonquoi noted, “I have been around politics for close to two decades having neither recorded an ounce of history of corruption nor blackmail, lest to talk of engaging in popularity seeking stunts, because we have clear goals to fight for, which clearly points to betterment of the lives of the Liberians people and our beloved country, Mama Liberia.”

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