Liberia News: WBHO Workers Protest Over Salary Increment In Buchanan

By Mark B. Dumbar

Monrovia-February-21-TNR:Report from Grand Bassa County says, over 200 workers at the WBHO Company in Buchanan have staged a peaceful protest for the increment in their salaries.

According to the report, the WBHO Company is a sub-contractor company working for ArclorMittal Liberia to help manage the railroad in Grand Bassa County.

The reports added that the workers of WBHO yesterday informed score of reporters concerning their action which hasresulted to a go-slow and a peaceful protest in the county.

Our source furthered that the workers attributed their action to bad labor practice by the company against them.

According to the report, the workers alleged that they were informed by a member of the management team that the company should have paid them US$600 as their salary per month. The report disclosed that the workers have informed score of reporters that they are currently receiving US$200 as salary.

According to the report, the workers at WBHO Company have been working with the company for over ten months, and have not received any salary increment. Source confirmed that the workers go to work at the hour of 6:00am in the morning and returned home at 5:00pm in the evening hour.

Our source disclosed that the workers complained that they only eat once a day, and they are involved in hard labor work in the county. The workers narrated that they were informed by their CEO who just returned from the United States that they should have been paid US$600.

Source confirmed that the workers are contractors working to ensure that the train track road remains effective at all times. It is also reported that the workers have worked for three months with the WBHO Company that is partnering with ArcelorMittalLiberia in Buchanan.

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