…Embraces Privatization as Key to Rapid Economic Growth

Monrovia-April-29-2024-TNR: The Office of Liberia’s Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung has commissioned four government-procured sewage and water trucks at the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), reiterating the need to privatize some functions of state-owned enterprises for the greater good of the public.

Speaking Thursday, April 25, 2024, at the commissioning ceremony held at the Sub-Office of LWSC, in Fiamah, Sinkor, VP Koung said with his background in business, he believes that privatizing the distribution component of LWSC and LEC will bridge the daunting challenges currently faced by the two entities.

He opined that unless this is done, the provision of Safe drinking water and affordable electricity as envisaged by the government will never reach the ordinary Liberians. “I am one of those who believe LWSC and LEC will never impact the public appropriately unless the distribution components of the two entities are privatized”, the Liberian Vice President asserted.

In his proposal which he noted is being reviewed by lawyers, the LWSC and LEC should only be limited to the generation and transmission of water and power respectively. He furthered that; the distribution aspects of these entities should be given to private-owned companies to manage.

According to VP Koung, the privatization of such components of state-owned enterprises would address the challenge of huge indebtedness to these SOEs by some members of the public.

He cited the Private-owned Jungle Energy Power Incorporated in Nimba which manages the distribution of electricity in that county as a clear success story of his proposal to privatize certain aspects of State-owned entities including LEC and LWSC.

Meanwhile, Vice President Koung has recommended the construction of a solar power plant at the facility of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation to alleviate the electricity challenge currently being faced by the Corporation.

His recommendation comes in the wake of a negotiation between LEC and LWSC for the supply of constant electricity to enable LWSC to adequately pump water constantly through its system to the public.

Speaking earlier LWSC Managing Director Muhammed Ali in his overview at the commissioning ceremony put the cost of the four trucks to over Nine Hundred Thousand US dollars. He said the process of acquiring the trucks was through a satisfied procurement process under the previous LWSC administration.

Mr. Ali described the provision of the trucks as timely adding, that this would alleviate the mounting challenges faced by LWSC in the provision of safe drinking water and addressing the poor sewage system in the country.






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