Liberia News: US$5 M Chinese-Expansion Project Of LBS Gets Underway

By R. Joyclyn Wea

 Monrovia-April-16-TNR:Yin Chengwu, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, attended the signing ceremony of the Supplementary Implementation Agreement of Refurbishment and Expansion Project of LBS.

The total value of this China Aid Project agreement is approximately US$5 million, which is intended to rehabilitate and expand the Liberia Broadcasting System.

Upon completion, this project will greatly facilitate access to information for the Liberian people. The project’s initial phase was carried out by the last administration in 2021.
On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, an official signing ceremony was held at the LBS campus. The Chinese engineering team and the representative visited the plant and carried out an extensive inspection before signing the deal.

Several notable guests attended the signing event, including the LBS Board of Directors and Management, Jerolinmek M. Piah, the information minister, and Eugene L. Faghon, the Director General of LBS.

There were also notable officials, media figures, and representatives of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).
Following the signing ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia Yin Chengwu made a special statement stating that China is dedicated to helping the people of Liberia with hope the future of LBS will improve under the new leadership.

The Chinese diplomat claimed that the Governments of China and Liberia had signed the Implement Agreement of Refurbishment and Expansion Project of LBS in 2021.
He went on to say that China and Liberia are dear friends and brothers, and that China will constantly uphold sincerity, actual results, amity, and good faith under the leadership of Presidents Xi Jinping and Joseph Nyumah Boakai.
He said by docking the Belt and Road B&R Initiative (BRI) with the ARREST, China and Liberia have successfully achieved productive outcomes in their combined promotion of friendship and win-win cooperation.
The initiative, Mr. Yin continued, costed more than $5 million, the majority of which went toward creating a new broadcasting facility and an upgraded broadcast production system for LBS.

The project he said aims to provide an outdoor broadcasting vehicle and a set of satellite transmission systems and maintain and upgrade the transmitter house, antenna feeder, and iron tower.

The Chinese ambassador brought up the fact that the contractors’ advance group had recently inspected the project’s preparations, with the hope that Liberia would promptly fulfill its end of the bargain and finish all necessary preparations for the construction team’s arrival on site.
LBS Director General Eugene L. Faghon praised the People’s Republic of China for its commitment and support.

“This project will not just enhance our capacity but will also help the Liberian people know more about their government’s functionaries, which is their right,” said Fahngon.

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