Liberia News: US Delegation Hails Former Pres. Weah


Monrovia-Jan-23-TNR:The 46th United States President Joe Biden’s delegation hashailed former Liberian President, George M. Weah for his level of work in maintaining the peace of the country.

In a meeting with the former President following their arrival in the country to attend the inauguration of Liberian President, Joseph Nyumah Boakai at the Executive mansion, the delegation praised the former President for his great job at the Mansion-the seat of the Liberian presidency and the way he handled the country’s peace and democracy

The United States delegation arrived in Liberia on Sunday to attend the inauguration ceremony of Joseph Nyumah Boakai yesterday. Upon arrival, the team met with former  PresidentGeorge Manneh Weah at the refurbished Executive Mansion.

The United States of America delegation is led by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, United States Ambassador, to the United Nations.

Ambassador Greenfield who served as US Ambassador to Liberia during the regime of former Ellen Johnson-Sirleaflauded the former Liberian leader for his great job at the mansion and the way he handled the country’s peace and democracy.


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