Liberia News: UP Sidelining Alliances?

It seems that those who worked hard to ensure the success of this government are not been taken seriously.

Either they are on the waiting list or maybe thinking of appointing them later, which appears to be worrisome. For example, the name of one Cllr. Jonathan Massaquoi, whom many UP partisans said was not in the front line during the campaign has been tipped to become minister of Justice.  

His name, according to UP sources, was submitted by Speaker, Jonathan Fonati Koffa.  Speaker Koffa was not immediately available for comment.

Massaquoi works in the law offices of Speaker Koffa, International Law Group in Sinkor. “Where is this Jonathan man coming from at this time? We think this is too early. At least if you say, Bushebine Keita or Cllr. Cooper Kruah as Justice Minister, it makes sense,” an insider from the party said.

From the legal side, some lawyers said this about Cllr. Massaquoi.

“I do know him well. We were schoolmates. But to appoint him as a minister of Justice is surprising at this time. I think President Boakai needs to look well,” one said on condition of anonymity.

“Cllr. Massaquoi is mainly working on taking political papers around the court. He can handle papers to various courts at the Temple of Justice.  He is a good lawyer, but to be minister of Justice, I differ. If you say a man who can run with documents for Fonati Koffa, and be successful with it, I will say yes. But not to become justice minister.

As a result of that, the ruling Unity Party (UP) and its Alliances may be heading to a rocky place soon if the needful is not done, one staunch alliance member said.

Some of the alliance’s members have expressed early disappointments in the ongoing appointments of officials of the Unity party Government complaining that their interests have been left out in the ongoing appointments.

The early complaint by alliance members who supported the Unity Party to victory in the presidential runoff are said to be based on the latest appointments list released yesterday on social media.

Some of the political parties within the Unity Party Alliances include the All Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOL) of Mr. Lusine F. Kamara, the Grassroot Democratic Party (GDP) of Mr. Edward Appleton, Liberia People Party of Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe, the One Liberia Movement (OLM).

The list of officials that came out which caused concern include, Amin Modad, Minister of Commerce; Sara Beslow Nyanti, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Abraham Kromah, Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA)/Director; J. Dorbor Jallah, Commissioner of LRA and Cllr. Jonathan Massaquoi, Minister of Justice. The concerns have been with the minister of Justice.

This according to sources within the UP and its Alliances; is a clear indication that the now ruling party is poised to marginalize those who supported them while in opposition as key positions are being given to only UP partisans while alliance members are being left in the cold.

But Mr. Charles Snyder an official in the office of the president said such a list was incorrect.

He said the President has not made additional appointments since the first list was released.

Political observers believe that there will be more hullaballoo in the coming days over the appointments of cabinet members and other key appointments to be made by the President as the UP Alliances have begun crying foul of being left out of key positions so early.

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