In a surprising turn of events, aggrieved wives of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Tuesday evening, issued a formal apology to Liberians for their actions that led to the cancellation of this year’s Armed Forces Day celebration.

The actions by the AFL soldiers’ spouses caused serious disruptions to the free flow of traffic from the along the Roberts International Highway, Careysbrug to Kakata belt and the EBK Barracks to Monrovia belt, Caldwell belt as well as other major points in Monrovia and its environs.

Speaking to a local television station late Tuesday evening, Tellreton Walker, Spokesperson of the Army Wives Association, conveyed their regret for the recent protest. Walker emphasized that their actions were unintentional, portraying themselves as helpless women seeking justice for their husbands.

Expressing gratitude, Walker acknowledged President Joseph Boakai for his swift intervention, attributing it to the preservation of peace and stability in Liberia.

In a further plea, Tellreton Walker called on President Boakai to address the corruption allegations against retired General Johnson, urging a thorough audit of his leadership of the AFL during his tenure as Chief of Staff of the army.

“We are sorry for our actions yesterday, especially for those who missed their flights and those who were sick as well. We want the President to audit retired General Prince Johnson because he is very corrupt,” Madam Walker said.

For her part, Josephine Cole, a member of the Army Wives Association, clarified that their recent actions were primarily for the purpose of peace. Cole underscored that their voices went unheard from the initial stage, leading to the protests and the subsequent cancellation of the Armed Forces Day celebration.

Recorded incidents from last week revealed that the wives of soldiers staged a protest at the Capitol Building urging members of the Liberian Senate not to confirm retired General Prince Johnson III as Defense Minister.

“So we did this for our husbands. We want to take this time to thank our President; he did extremely well by listening to us,” Josephine said.

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