Liberia News: Unification City Residents Appeal To LEC

By Mark B. Dunbar
Monrovia-Jan-29-TNR: Several Residents in Unification City in Harbel, Margibi County are appealing to authorities at the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to speedily repair the power plant at the Robert International Airport (RIA) and other communities around the Dolo Town Community.

Addressing scores of reporters over the weekend in Harbel, the head of the Statutory District, Bishop Charles Success Carlos said it is important that LEC focus on the goal of repairing the power plant at the power station in that part of Liberia.

According to him, the 14th Military Hospital and DuzonCommunity are currently having power plant, while the major road that leaves to the Robert International Airport, and other communities have been in darkness for over a week now.

He furthered that Marshall Community also has electricity but it is difficult for them who live around the Robert International Airport, and Harbel to get access to electricity due to the damage of the plant.

He said over the past times, they have been experiencing darkness. Bishop Carlos added that since then residents of the affected communities along the Robert International Airport highway have not been able to see the LEC team working to how they can quickly repair the power plant to allow the citizens get electricity.

Bishop Carlos added that other residents in lower Margibi County are benefiting from the electricity while major areas with more than thirty thousand residents are yet to receive LEC current. He said residents of the affected communities are deeply in need of the LEC current.

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