Liberia News: Uncontrollable Deaths

By Washington Tumay Watson

The President of the Youth of Churches United for Christ and the Mission Director of the Greater Outreach Ministries George Flomo has asserted that since the inception of the Unity Party-led Government of President Joseph NyumaBoakai, there have been unfortunate situations of disasters resulting in the deaths of many Liberians. 

According to him, it was sadden when the National Elections Commission declared that President Joesph Boakai of Unity Party was the winner of the November 14 run-off presidential election when a moving vehicle ran into jubilant supporters and partisans of the Unity Party resulting in the death of several people on BroadStreet, Monrovia.

Speaking in an exclusive interview in Paynesville, the Liberian cleric further disclosed that serval Liberians met their untimely death in Totota, Bong County due to a tanker explosion.

The President of the Youth of Churches United for Crist and the Mission Director of the Greater Outreach Ministries also asserted that recently a family of five died in a fire disaster on the Du-Port without being rescued.

He additionally unearthed the death of some Liberians in Grand Cape Mount County who were protesting and officers of the Liberian National Police allegedly killed.

Pastor Flomo further said the troubling information of the death of a resident of CalwellJoecephus S. Tukpeh due to an alleged beaten by the Liberia Electricity Corporation Power theft team.

According to him, it was reported in the media that the power theft team accused the late Tukpeh’s house of power theft which resulted in a conflict where he met his untimely death.

He told the media that these things that are occurring mostly the death of Liberians need God’s intervention.

Pastor Flomo disclosed that President Joesph Boakai needs to declare a three-day prayer for God to rescue the country from these tragedies.

He said only God can rescue Liberia and not earthly man noting that if President Boakai is to achieve such a vision of rescuing the country, he needs to focus on God for his direction.

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