Monrovia-Sources close to the United Methodist Church in Liberia said it is expected to endorse homosexualism in the Church.

Recently, the Church as part of a the United Methodist Conference held in the United States, in which the conference gave its blessing to homosexuality/LGBTQ activities.

Such statement, if correct, will be endorsed by Bishop Samuel J. Quire of the Church. Recently,  Bishop Samuel J. Quire was part  of the  delegation  that participated  the conference in the United States. Since the decision was reached, he is yet to comment on it, but there are reports that he is expected to also give his blessing to  it today, June 7, 2024 at a press conference. This is yet to be verified.

The United States meeting was held by the United Methodist General Conference and its legislative body voted to overturn every ban that was placed on  LGBTQ individual.

According to the report, the changes include  giving  a new definition of marriage as a lifelong covenant between “two people of faith,” rather than solely between a man and a woman, and a repeal of its ban on LGBTQ clergy,. One of the delegates Reverend Jerry Kulah, was  quoted by local media as saying ;“We do not believe we know better than the Bible.” This was later interpreted as expressing his opposition to  same sex mirage.

According to Public Trust media, Some Liberian United Methodist Church Members Want Public Stance on Decision Embracing Homosexuality.

Public Trust media  quoted Bishop Quire  as saying  “I’ll be making a statement and members of the press are invited.”

One source said if Bishop Quire endorses, it will lead to a division in the Church. It can be recalled that when the decision was reached in the States, the Methodist Church in neighbouringIvory Coast rejected the US Conference’s position and  broke away.

“The Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church Cote d’Ivoire gathered in its extraordinary session on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at the Jubilee Temple Cocody, for reasons of conscience, before God and before the word, supreme authority in matters of faith and life. Decide to leave the United Methodist Church denomination,” says the Ivory Coast UMC’s Annual Conference.


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