By: Jamesetta Williams

Monrovia-March-12-TNR:The University of Liberia has sealed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sharda University, one of the prestigious universities in India.

It has immediately inducted a joint commission for the implementation of the partnership corporation between both universities.

The MoU was signed by Julius S. Nelson, President of the University of Liberia while Ashok Daryani, ShardaUniversity president for International Relations signed on behalf of his university.

The MoU between both universities seeks to provide an exchange of faculties and administrative staff, and an exchange of scholars for both graduate and undergraduate students.
The MoU further aims at collaborating on research projects, internships, exchange of academic information and materials, and promoting other academic activities, as mutually agreed between both universities.
Making remarks at the program, Julius S. Nelson said that the implementation of the MoU required the commitment and collaboration of both Institutions if they must achieve the result that they all anticipated.
He said that the university was happy for the induction and launch of the Joint Commission for the forward march of both Institutions.
“Today is a remarkable and memorable day in the history of the University of Liberia and the ShardaUniversity and Group of Companies of India, as we both sealed, signed a MoU, and inducted a joint commission to monitor and report on the implementation of this MoU.
He added, “It is in this vein that we have established a joint commission compromising of representatives from the University of Liberia and Sharda University to monitor and report on the implementation of the MoU.
“This commission is established for the role and purpose to scrupulously and carefully monitor the implementation from the end of both universities and report to us periodically as the implementation unfolds,” he stated.
For his part, the president for International Relations, Sharda University and Group of Companies, Ashok Daryani, extolled the University of Liberia for the partnership and agreement, and MoU.
He committed Sharda University to uphold the MoUand its implementation policy, stating that they are more ready than ever before to provide scholarships and other opportunities to the University of Liberia.

Sharda University is number one in India. We have over twelve colleges with 130 plus programs offered. With this MoU, we will provide scholarships to the top three in the University, top three in national exams, and other scholarships to high schools,” he concluded.

In June 2022, the University of Liberia entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ShardaUniversity of India, to establish a partnership leading to collaboration for several promises and projects.

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