Monrovia-March-8-TNR:U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice Beth van Schaack says her government looks forward to working with all Liberians to make the war and economic crimes court a reality.

Over 20 years since peace was restored to the war-ravaged West African Country, there remains division among Liberians on whether to establish the war and economic crimes court.

Those responsible for war and economic crimes during Liberia’s civil conflict, as well as their loyalists, are seeking impunity, but other Liberians are demanding justice to deter future senseless mass killings of innocent people and destruction of the state for selfish gains.

Some of Liberia’s former rebel leaders have found their way into national leadership, and they have tried to blackmail efforts to bring about accountability by instilling a fear that establishing a war and economic crimes court would return the country to instability.

This week, about 40 Liberian lawmakers from the House of Representatives signed a resolution to establish a war and economic crimes court.

If legislation grows out of this resolution and is passed by both legislative chambers, it will boost President Joseph NyumahBoakai’s quest to establish a war and economic crimes court.

Following the signing of the resolution by the Representatives, Amb. van Schaack said it was a privilege and honor to meet with President Boakai following his pledge to establish a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.

The U.S. Embassy near Monrovia posted on its Facebook page on Wednesday, 6 March 2024, following Amb. van Schaack’smeeting with President Boakai.

During her visit to Monrovia, the Embassy said Ambassador Van Schaack met with a broad cross-section of government officials and civil society groups committed to delivering justice.

“Congratulations to Liberia’s House of Representatives on passing a resolution to establish the War and Economic Crimes Court,” the Embassy said.

It continued that this positive news coincides with Tuesday’s successful visit to Monrovia by Amb. Van Schaack.  

“In her engagements with the government and civil society, Ambassador Van Schaack underscored U.S. government’s support for accountability and justice for all Liberians,” it noted.

Over 250,000 Liberians were estimated to have died, millions more were displaced, and properties worth millions of dollars were destroyed during Liberia’s brutal civil conflict that lasted for over a decade.

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