By Washington Tuman Watson


Monrovia-Feb-7-TNR: Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe has described the slow pace in nominating government officials by President Joseph Boakai as having too many cooks in the kitchen.

The constitution gives the Liberian leader an exclusive right to nominate those who will serve in cabinet positions and other positions in government.

But speaking on OK FM   the Bomi County lawmaker noted that there are so many vacancies in the Unity Party-led Government that are yet to be occupied through the appointment by President Joseph Boakai.

“I see some factional arrangements have been taking place already, I see political parties that have the President elected are nominating their people to the government already, I think it 0is a government of power shearing, the Bomi County lawmaker said.

Senator Snowe said what he is seeing with the founding of the government clearly shows that it is a power-sharing government, something he expressed unhappiness over. “I am not impressed with the slow pace of the formation of the government,” Sen. Snowe noted.

Senator Snowe used the interview to urge the President of Liberia Joseph Boakai and the Unity Party supporters to take his observation concerning the slow pace of the formation of the government in a good faith.

Senator Snowe asserted that President Boakai has assured Liberians that in his first hundred days in office, no car will get stuck on major highways across the country, a commitment that Liberians are holding onto.


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