Liberia News: ‘Things Falling Apart’

…CDC Badmouths Boakai’s Government

Monrovia-The former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Liberia’s outstanding and foremost opposition political institution, has badmouthed and rendered the government of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai incompetent as it struggles with the harsh reality of leading the country to socio-economic and political stability.

Instead of progressing in keeping with promises made during last year’s elections that brought it to state power, CDC reckoned that things are falling apart and the country is falling while President Boakai and its lieutenants dose.

The most recent former ruling establishment whose stewardship over the country was heavily criticized for massive corruption and state failure, Wednesday expressed its opposition to the near-dysfunctional state Liberia is rapidly descending into under President Boakai’s leadership.

Party Chairman Janga Augustus Kowo said the current state of affairs including the dismissal of countless Liberians, the controversial issue surrounding the 285 yellow machines, and the harsh economic conditions confronted by ordinary citizens are indications of a failing government.

“The government’s failure to stabilize the prices of essential commodities including rice-Liberia’s staple diet, petroleum products, and transportation fares is a glaring emblem of incompetence within the rank and file of the UP-led administration,” the CDC contended.

Besides scolding the government for taking the country down to the gallows, Acting Chairman Kowo also weighed on in circumstances that marred last year’s elections, and called for the conduct of a thorough investigation into all instances of electoral violence. Cases of electoral violence were reported in Monrovia and Lofa County, wherein one person reportedly lost his life in Foya.

Apart from statements from the party’s controversial Council of Patriots on national issues on social media, it is the first time the CDC addressed itself to unfolding national issues through press conference, using the gathering to reject recent police probe into the Kinjor protest between the Liberia National Police and some citizens in Grand Cape Mount County.

Though the Boakai administration is bragging of making encouraging inroads in his 100-days deliverables, it is facing stiff opposition and criticism in the wake of dangling state of affairs five months into its leadership to save the Liberian people.

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