Liberia News: Telia Urey Appointed Senior Advisor

Monrovia:House Speaker, Cllr Fonati Koff has appointed Telia Urey as Senior Advisor on Foreign Affairs and Legislative Engagements in his office.

In her new portfolio, Ms. Urey will spearhead the Speaker’s agenda to foster collaboration between the Liberian Legislature and other international legislative bodies.

Speaker Koffa revealed Ms. Urey’s appointment on his official social media page, saying the newly appointed Senior Advisor would coordinate, advise, and guide the Speaker’s foreign affairs initiatives within the Legislature.

Ms. Urey, a daughter of the political leader of the All Liberia Party (ALP), has endured rough political edges over the past months when she and her father fell out with the then Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) of the ALP, ANC, LP and UP.

The ALP aligned with the former ruling Party, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) during the runoff elections won by the UP with the help of other collaborating parties.

Ms. Urey became an acidic critic of then UP presidential candidate, now President of Liberia during the 2023 presidential and legislative elections when her political party, ALP disassociated itself from the UP and pledged support to the CDC. 

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