By: Washington Tumay Watson

Monrovia-February-28-TNR:The Swedish Ambassador to Liberia, Urban Sjostrom has revealed his country’s commitment   to supporting the Liberian Government’s developmental agenda

Amb. Sjostrom said the development partners including Swedish are there to support the government development programs that will impact the lives of the citizens.

According to him, the citizens elect a government to work in their interest by ensuring that they benefit from developmental projects, the rule of law, and education among others.

Speaking on state Radio Amb. Sjostrom urged the Government to ensure the full implementation of the rule of law including the fight against corruption.

“The Government is coming with the right vision; I do see the right commitment from the government in its one hundred days,” he said. The Swedish Ambassador to Liberia said the government is now forming their vision and formulating it into actions.

He further indicated that his government is committed to supporting the government also in its road development programs.

Amb.  Sjostrom further told the media that his government will also fully support the Liberian Government in its decentralization program.

He said the implementation of the county service center stressing that one of the key components of such is the need for resources available to maintain the county centers focusing on the revenue sharing act.

Amb. Sjostrom disclosed that they are going to support vocational education, gender equality, health, electricity, and agriculture roads among others.

He said the Government needs to invest in the agriculture sector which they as development partners are prepared in full support of such a vision. “We are interested in finding new ways in agriculture,” he added.

He said one of the key things needs to be done is observing how the government is going to implement its fight against corruption stressing, “We want to know how the government will do it.”

Amb. Sjostrom expressed gratitude to Liberians for conducting peaceful elections and transition through a democratic process.

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