By. Washington Tumay Watson

Monrovia-March-8-TNR:Amid threatening statement from Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson over the possible establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberian, some citizens of Nimba County are urging Senator Prince Y. Johnson to submit himself to the war crimes court if established.

According to some of the Nimba citizens, Senator Prince Johnson is not the only Liberian who fought the 14 years of civil war that destroyed lives and properties.

Calling in on State of the Nation on Truth FM, the Nimbacitizens disclosed that their kinsman had a justifiable reason that allowed him to participate in the bloody civil war for nine months and must stand his ground to face the court when established.

The citizens reasoned that it would be vital for their Senator to undergo the due process as a means of exonerating himself from all of those allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity against him and others who lead the nearly 14 years of civil unrest in the country.

The citizens told the media that the assertion by their Senator Prince Johnson that ex-generals are consulting to protect him against the war and economic crimes court if established is not welcome by majority of the people of Nimba County.

They reminded Senator Johnson of the significance of the establishment of the war and economic crimes court in Liberia stressing that it is intended to provide the space for both the victims and the perpetrators to face justice.  They indicated that the court will serve as a deterrent for others who will want to violate the rights of others and go impunity.

They further disclosed that the people of Nimba County are with him as their leader and Senator to face the court without fear.

The Nimbaians encouraged Senator Johnson to do away with fear and focus on how to face his accusers when the time comes and not to panic and threaten the peace of the country.

The Nimba citizens’ call comes as a result of Senator Prince Johnson’s recent public outcry on the establishment of the war crime court.

He warned President Boakai not to temper with the peace of the country by removing the Amnesty Law, stressing that those ex-rebels who were in the rural parts of the country will not allow the government to go after them.

He unearthed that Nimba County had more rebel generals and combatants will are prepared to defend him.

According to Senator Johnson, it was Nimba County that was declared enemy of the state by the previous regime indicating that the ex-combatants are there who liberated Nimba and Liberia.

“So, if you want to go after their leader who is getting old and give you a victory in the just ended elections and you feel proudto do that because they have raised three hundred million dollars, some of which they have given to people underground to signed a resolution, “he said.  

The Nimba County lawmaker said there is no need for the legislators to sign a resolution when the country has an amnesty law.

He said they will equally reciprocate either legally or in whatever way to make him live in peace with themselves.

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