Liberia News: “Stop Dumping In Waterway”

Monrovia-March-18-TNR:Montserrado County District Number Four Representative Michael Thomas has initiated a two-week project opening the waterway to prepare for the future.

Rep. Thomas said one the major crisis they have had has been flooding and as the people’s lawmaker, he is to take preventive measures ahead of the rainy season.

Representative Michael Thomas said the eight communities that are often affected by flooding during heavy rain falls are those areas he is targeting, ensuring that the waterways are cleared before it starts to rain.

He said often, when it rains, they as policy makers often provide relief items which he said is not the solution to the situation.

“What we are doing now is to be way ahead of the game. So, we try to open all of the drainages in all of the major communities,” the Montserrado County District Four lawmaker said.

According to Rep. Thomas, the project is intended to make preparation for the days ahead. On the site of the project, the district lawmaker took issue with residents who willfully dump in the waterway.

He said these are often the reasons that most communities are flooded because people do not take care of their environment and carelessly dump in water.

Earth moving equipment is on the road ensuring that the roads open.

During the start of the project, community dwellers were seen standing by in a joyous mood.

Joseph Wanyah, a resident of Cow-field who lives not too far from the swamp said, “We appreciate what our Honorable man is undertaking.”

He said during the rain, the floor affects them heavily and that at times, they have to move and sometimes motorcyclists have to disembark from their bike to cross the bridge.

“Even to leave our places, it can be very difficult for us. So, the initiative by our lawmaker is very welcoming, we are so happy about it,” he said.

He cautioned residents of various communities to disabuse their minds from dumping in the way of the water. Wanyah blamed community residents for some of the things they often go through.

He indicated that residents often give garbage to disadvantaged youth and in return they dump it in the swamp which leads to the clogging of the waterways.

Pastor Sampson of the Saint Assembly Church is one of those who is happy about the lawmaker’s initiative.

He said, “I want to be grateful to God for the individual that God is using, especially for this side.”

Pastor Sampson said he was happy that the lawmaker undertook such initiative to help alleviate the long-term flooding problem.

Pointing at his Church, Pastor Sampson said they have been struggling with the building of their Church but the problem has been the constant flooding of the area.


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