Sinoe-April-2-TNR:Sinoe County Senator, Crayton Duncan has emphasized that the citizens of the country have welcomed development over tribalism.

He disclosed that his victory to the Senate was based on the level of developmental projects he undertook as Representative across the county in the three electoral districts and was not due to tribal politics, unlike others who have been focusing on political path over the years.

Speaking on Ok FM on Monday, April 1, 2024, the Collation for Democratic Change lawmaker promised to continue undertaking impactful developmental projects for the people of Sinoe including road connectivity, communication, and health as well as education.

According to him, he will buy earth-moving equipment to undertake community roads projects within the county to allow residents access to roads. 

He said the citizens are going through difficulties due to lack of road connectivity which needs urgent intervention.

Senator Duncan said his road project will not be through the national Government but through his office.

He further indicated that the people of Sinoe are mostly from rural areas who are unable to communicate through the mobile GSM Company.

The CDC lawmaker told the media that he will work along with GSM companies to make available affordable communication for them.

Speaking further on his vision for education, he renewed his commitment to those buses to commute the students as a means of reducing cast on transportation for their children.

He disclosed that the buses are been undergoing repair to commence commuting students including other initiatives to improve the educational sector of his county. 

Senator Duncan said he is going to consult his people before deciding on the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia.

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