Monrovia-February-15-TNR:Several at-risk youths otherwise known as Zogos who are undergoing rehabilitation at the Density Recovery Program for the first three months have reunited with their family at the center.

The family reunion event of the Density Recovery Program is an event intended for parents’ family members, and organizations to interact with their family members who are undergoing rehabilitation and to also raise funds for the upkeep of the organization.

Speaking during the event recently, the Executive Director of the African Youth and Women’s Initiatives, Leelai Kpukuyou-Browne called on the 55th Legislature to include the Density Recovery Program in the national budgetary allocation.

Madam Kpukuyou-Browne emphasized the need for inclusive efforts in the fight against drugs especially institutions like Density Recovery Center that is focused on transforming the at-risk youth. She further indicated that destroying ghettos by Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency is not enough.

The Executive Director of the African Youth and Women’s Initiatives challenged the government through LDEA, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to work with local institutions like the Density Recovery Center and offer vocational institutions in offering scholarships and other activities to rehabilitated youths.

Speaking further, she extolled President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for declaring drugs as a national emergency remarking that the fight against drugs must be a national involvement by all Liberians.

The Executive Director of the African Youth and Women’s Initiatives added that a holistic approach in the fight against drugs with the involvement and collaboration of LDEA, Youth, and Sports with local institutions responsible for rehabilitation will help win the fight against drugs.

Madam Brown however, used the occasion to urge parents not to stigmatize young people who have been rehabilitated and transformed in various communities. “Always show them love and care and welcome them back home celebrating their achievement,” she added.

Madam Brown did not hold back to encourage participants who have been transformed to have passion in every action, word, and decision they should take for the betterment of their survival.  

“Build each other up, support each other, and build a strong relationship but you must hold yourself accountable for your life,” She indicated.

Appreciating the work been done by Density Recovery Center through its founder, Rev. Jerry Saway   Madam Kpukuyou-Browne presented L$30,000 as her way of supporting the vital development undertaking by the man of God.

The Destiny Recovery Program was established in 2018 with the sole purpose of transforming cross-section of substance and illicit drug users across Monrovia.

The program has trained, transformed, and graduated over 300 persons who are making impacts in society both in and outside of Liberia through different careers and TVET programs. Over hundred disadvantaged youths are currently undergoing transformation and rehabilitation at the Destiny Recovery Center on the Japanese Freeway in Monrovia.

About one hundred and nine persons including nine females who went through the three-month rehabilitation were on Monday reunited with their respective families.

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