Monrovia-March-18-TNR:Sethi Brothers Incorporated, which has Sethi Ferro Fobrlk, bad environmental condition is said to be serious, and affecting both workers and residents nearby and if measures are not put into place by government, the situation could affect children and pregnant women.

Moreover, the pollution from the Cement Factory especially, is affecting several employees and residents in the area. Some employees and residents told our reporters recently.

“We are suffering in this factory here. Many of us have lungs sickness and other chemical diseases here from the pollution   that is taking place here,” an employee who has worked there for over ten years spoke on condition of anonymity.

“We are only surviving here by the mercy of God. But the condition is very bad, both at the steel factory and the cement. They do not give us the proper safety materials as at times. That is the same thing they did that led to the death of some of our friends here few years ago,” he said.

The company also produces Star Cement from the vicinity of the same factory, a situation some environmental experts said was wrong.

As a result of the incident in 2022, which led to the death of one person and six employees, the company issued a statement and expressed sadness.

“We that are working here, we inhale bad chemical products daily.  We are dying slowly here. We want for our lawmakers and government to come and see the conditions we are facing here,”

The employee said they are facing serious hazardous problem which needs to be looked into seriously.

His statement was buttressed by so many residents in the community.

“This place they opened this factory is very bad. We are suffering here. Our small children take in bad dust every day. As for us, we are old, but our children are suffering. We na talk this thing every day, but our government people cannot say nothing,” ma Annie a resident of the community told our reporter recently.

To authenticate the story, this paper called the CEO of the company, Mr. Paul Sethi, but there was no response. A text message was sent, but there was no response either.



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