LIBERIA NEWS: Senator Amara Konneh Warned

MONROVIA- Feb 6-The Chairman on Defense, Security and Veteran Affairs has warned his colleague Amara Konneh to stop making such sensitive religious statement that has the propensity to create confusion in the country.

Senator Momo CyrusHis warning followed a recent social media post,  by the Gbarpolu County Senator,  Amara Konneh in which he expressed concerns about the non-appointment of Muslims to top ministerial positions. The post has caught the attention of the Senate Committee on Defense, Security, and Veteran Affairs.

Chairperson Momo Cyrus urged him to desist from making unfriendly comments that could pose security threats. The Chairperson emphasized that the latest post by Senator Konneh regarding the alleged lack of Muslim representation in top government positions has the potential to undermine the peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians in the nation.

Senator Cyrus stated that such assertions when made in public forums, could have serious security implications and contribute to social tensions. The committee is concerned that Senator Konneh’s comments may not only fuel religious discord but also jeopardize the overall stability and harmony within the country.

The Senate Committee on Defense, Security, and Veteran Affairs plans to seek the indulgence of the Senate Plenary to address this matter formally. Chairperson Cyrus stated that they will request the Senate to take appropriate measures to ensure that Senator Konneh refrains from making statements that could incite tensions or compromise national security.

The Committee emphasized the importance of responsible and inclusive communication, especially in matters of religious diversity and national unity. The Senate remains committed to fostering an environment of tolerance and understanding among all citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs.

The Senate Committee on Defense, Security, and Veteran Affairs calls on Senator Amara Konneh to retract his statement and exercise caution in his public communications to avoid any unintended consequences on national security and social harmony.

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