…Alleges Violation Of Liberian Laws

Monrovia-May-07-2024-TNR:Senator Momo Cyrus of Lofa County has called for the cancellation of a US$40 million contract between the Liberian government and CONTEC Global-Liberia, citing violations of Liberian laws.

The contract, reportedly for the digitization of Alien Resident Permits, was awarded without the consent of the 54th Legislature, particularly the Liberian Senate, according to Senator Cyrus.

Speaking to Legislative Reporters recently, after submitting his official communication to Plenary of the Liberian Senate, Senator Cyrus emphasized that the contract with CONTEC Global-Liberia should be canceled due to its failure to pass through the legislative process, which he stated was a violation of Liberian laws.

As the Chair of the Senate Committee on Defense, Security, Intelligence, and Veteran Affairs, Senator Cyrus revealed that an in-depth investigation conducted by his committee highlighted significant reasons for the contract’s cancellation.

The investigation, which involved the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission, the Liberia Immigration Service, the Liberia Revenue Authority, and the National Security Agency, uncovered that the contract did not follow the required legal procedures, particularly the involvement of the LRA before its award.

Senator Cyrus further pointed out that the contract aimed to produce 350,000 resident cards over a five-year period, a number he deemed impossible considering Liberia’s alien registration document. Despite sending his communication to the committee room for further deliberation, Senator Cyrus remained steadfast in his recommendation that the contract be canceled, based on the findings of his committee’s investigative report.

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