Liberia News: Scrutiny Of Agreements

…As House Sets Up C’ttee To Review All Concessions

By Mark N. Mengonfia

Monrovia-April-18-2024-TNR:The House of Representative has constituted a 15-member committee to review all of Liberia’s commission agreements.

The setting up of the committee was triggered by a communication proffered by Sinoe County District Three Representative, Alex Noah who wrote in March of this year requesting that the House of Representatives ensure that Liberia’s concessions are reviewed to benefit both the citizens of Liberia and the concessioners.

He raised concerns that it was important for said review so that it allows both parties get a fair share of what those agreements say.

It was against this backdrop that the leaders of the House of Representative without hesitation endorsed the Sinoe County lawmaker’s request and constituted the committee comprising of 15 lawmakers.

At a press conference at his Capitol Building office, the SinoeCounty lawmaker said he was happy that his first communication to that august body moved towards making an impact on the lives of Liberians.

He said as a young man, he endeavors to be a lawmaker who will make those positive changes.

Rep. Sinoe said, “You cannot expect a positive result when you are doing the same thing.”

He said the committee is tasked with the responsibilities to visit 15 counties, visit concession sites, have discussions with those relevant institutions and make a report to Plenary of the House of Representative after six months.

“The 15-member committee is given six months to work. We will do due diligence,” the Sinoe District Three lawmaker said.

He said, “It is a win-win situation for both parties to benefit.”

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