By Jamesetta D Williams

Monrovia-Feb-16-TNR:Some residents at the ELWA junction have decried what they considered as the slow pace of the construction of the ELWA-to Roberts International road complaining that the construction process is preventing them from selling their markets.

The residents said the construction of the roads is very slow something that has prevented them from selling their markets. According to some of the residents mostly marketers who usually sit along the road to sell, whenever the construction work is ongoing, they are asked to take their markets from the sides of the road thus, causing them huge loses.

Yemia Kollah, a marketer who sells perfume and other items along the road narrated that the construction of the road could’ve move faster if former President George Weah’s government was given the chance.

She said that former President Weah has calculated his mistake from the six years’ experience and based on his experience, he could’ve speed up the construction of the road by this time.

Miss Kollah added that the Weah government was a great government but because of the decision by Liberians to vote him out, the road process is very slow thus, causing their businesses and others activities to be stalled. “If the Boakai administration will do the work, let them speed up the process so that all we marketers and drivers can have access to the roads,” she added.

Bobby Jones, another marketer who sells fruits at ELWA Junction also narrated that their businesses are not going due to the road construction process. He said if they are selling on the sidewalks, they the workers usually ask them to leave due to the road work.

“We appreciate the efforts of President Joseph N Boakai administration. But looking at the situation of our market, we hope the Boakai administration speed up the road process or give us chance to sell our products. As our current President, he has to solve all the problems as he previously promised. We just want the road construction process to speed up,” Jones insisted.

Like the others, Mary Brenda also said they are not against the present administration but they want the right things to be done. “Firstly, the road construction is very slow,” she added. She said they thought that in fixing the road they could be able to sell their markets but not at all as they have to move from one place to another due to the construction of the road.

“This has been a difficult movement for us, mostly those of our friends who are selling foods. Taking food to different spots is very dangerous for the health of the people. Now the road process has been taken over by the Boakai administration, we hope and pray that it finishes sooner so that we will be able to sell our materials and also for drivers to have access to their passengers,” Brenda added.

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