By: Moses M. Tokpah

Monrovia-February-27-TNR:The newly elected Chairman of the Margibi Legislative Caucus and Representative of Margibi County electoral district, 2nd IvarK. Jones says reconciliation remains a key priority on his agenda.

Recently, Rep. Jones was nominated by Sen. James Emmanuel Nuquay and unanimously endorsed by his colleagues to chair the caucus of Margibi for the next three years.

Those who were also chosen to work along with Rep. Jones are Margibi’s 5th electoral district Representative, Clarence G. Gahr, Co-Chair and the Representative of Margibi’s 4th electoral district, Emmanuel O. Yarh, Secretary respectively with Senators James Emmanuel Nuquay and Nathaniel Falo McGill serving as advisors.

Hon. Jones in his first term as representative of his district served as secretary of the Margibi Legislative Caucus under the chairmanships of former Representatives Ben A. Fofana and Tilbelosa S. Tarponweh, and it is believed that he has more knowledge when it comes to leading the caucus.

The Representative is also said to be knowledgeable about the political tension that was in the county during the 2023 general elections with every politician and their supporters hitting at each other, and it is from this backdrop he has vowed to make reconciliation a number one priority as chairman of the county caucus.

Speaking with this writer following his election, Rep. Jones said considering the composition of the body politics of the County, it requires reconciliation and for the fact that the citizens are from diverse backgrounds, it means that their paramount concern should be to unite the people of the county.

Rep. Jones re-emphasized that as member of the caucus under the current leadership, they will be looking at unity, peace, reconciliation and uniting their people under one singular symbol which is the flag of Margibi.

According to him, when the flag of Margibi is flown high it means that the sons and daughters of the County will be proud whether they paraded the streets of Kakata; or the corridor of Margibi whether they are in any other county, but the fact that Margibi name will always be up and the flag will always be up high, it means they can beat their chests and say they are proud sons and daughters of the County.

The Margibi Lawmaker added that under their leadership, they intend to raise the flag of the county high under a singular agenda which is peace and reconciliation.

Rep. Jones mentioned that the two senators who are advisors to the leadership of the caucus have given that body the mandate to revert as leaders to come up with an agenda, adding that though they are the leaders, but they will always consult in terms of what they intend to achieve through a reconciled MargibiCounty.

He added that this means the leadership will be proposing to members of the caucus to see how best they can engage all of the districts and the citizens in order to speak in one voice.

The Lawmaker said they know that politically they may not have everyone speaking in one direction, but they will try as leaders of the caucus of the county to unite every single Margibian.

Hon. Jones maintained that Article 77 of the Liberian Constitution frowns at an effort by anyone to make Liberia a single party state and for the fact that Margibi is a part of Liberia; it means that they must uphold and defend the constitution of the Republic of Liberia.

Additionally, the Lawmaker recounted that because they are upholding and defending the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, they can exert effort in ensuring that the Margibianscome together under different body politics, and they should have a common agenda.

He said this time under their leadership, they want to see how best they can ensure that the people of Margibi are reconciled so that the developmental agenda of the County as a whole can be taken seriously by the people and not only as leaders.

Ivar K. Jones said sometimes leaders fail when the people are not inclusive, but they sit and only watch the leaders believing that they are their leaders and as such, they will give them all the responsibility. 

At the same time, the Lawmaker has thanked the people of Margibi for affording them the opportunity adding that had they not given them the opportunity to serve to serve as the Lawmakers they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to represent them at the level of the caucus.

Rep. Jones stated that had the people of Margibi not given him the opportunity too to serve as their Lawmaker which is a requirement for one to be chairman of the caucus, he wouldn’t have been chosen to chair the caucus.

The Lawmaker on the other hand lauded his colleagues beginning with Senator Nuquay who nominated him and was supported by Sen. McGill and the rest of his colleagues for the confidence reposed in him.

Rep. Jones then said his selection as chairman of the caucus is an opportunity and privilege given him to serve as a chairperson, indicating that he will be counting on the experience and knowledge of his colleagues so that they can all combine effort to insure that they have a Margibi second to none and a Margibithat will see development in few days, months or years and a Margibi that will try to alleviate some of the constrain and challenges their people have been faced with over the years.

Meanwhile, Rep. Jones has said it is based on the way he has worked with some of his colleagues over the years and his interaction with those who are new Lawmakers that they deemed it necessary at this time to rally their support around him as a son of Margibi who has envisioned the growth and development of the county for them to collectively work together.

He was quick to acknowledge that they may not achieve all but the little they will do under the current leadership, will serve them tomorrow well, thereby soliciting the support of all Margibians to their leadership as they did to other leaderships of the caucus in time past.

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