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…After Signing War Crimes Court Resolution

Despite signing the Resolution for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court, Prince Y. Johnson has expressed frustration over the court establishment blaming President Joseph Nyuma Boakai of targeting him.

Recently, majority members of the Liberian Senate including Prince Johnson himself signed the resolution for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes court.

But the Nimba County Senator has now open up terming the resolution a calculated plan by Joseph Boakai’s government to sale him a sacrificial lamb. The onetime Boakai’s ally Prince Johnson says he is more furious over the government’s push for establishment of war crimes court.

“I’m deeply, seriously and regrettably disappointed in President Boakai. I don’t know what bad have I done to this 79-year-old man to deserve all this? Prince Johnson wondered.

Amidst the Nimba County Senator, furiousness over the push for War and Economic crimes court, Prince Johnson has announced with immediate effect the withdrawal of support from Unity Party Senatorial Candidate Nyan Twayen over government move to establish war and economic crimes court for Liberia.

Senator Johnson is currently furious over the push by his one-time ally President Boakai to establish the court which aims to bring to closure the 14 years of civil conflict.

In an interview with a local talkshow in Nimba County, Senator Johnson accused President Boakai of imposing war crimes court, using the TRC recommendations and paying money to people to get rid of him Senator Johnson.

According to him, the government of President Boakai is ungrateful and that he is deeply, seriously and regrettably disappointed in the Joseph Boakai administration

On Tuesday, April 9, 28 of 29 Senators signed the passage of a joint resolution calling for the establishment of the much-talked about War and Economic crimes court.

The endorsement of the resolution followed the passage by the House of Representatives more than three weeks ago.

Prior to the resolution endorsement, a statement from Senate Pro-tempore’ Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence stated that the resolution from the House of Representatives would be put on the floor of the Senate after its committees on judiciary, defense, security and intelligence reported that due to the delicacy of the matter, a debate and endorsement of a resolution be entertained for the full participation by the Liberian Senate.

On the heels of this passage which marked a significant twist in for the establishment of a war and economic crimes court, especially by the signing of one of its critic, Nimba county Senator Prince Y. Johnson, the U.S. Embassy near Monrovia has expressed gratitude to members of the Liberian Senate for the resolution for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court.

“We commend the Liberian Senate for its landmark decision to pass the resolution establishing the War and Economic Crimes Court. This complements the resolution passed by the House of Representatives.”

“These actions reinforce President Boakai’s commitment of justice for the people of Liberia. After more than two decades after the end of the devastating civil war, it is time for the culture of accountability to begin,” the U.S. Statement read.

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