Liberia News: PYJ REGRETS

:With less than one month following the inauguration of President Joseph N. Boakai, the man whose influence in NimbaCountry led to the victory of the president has expressed total regret for the decision he made.

Sources closed to him confided in this paper on Monday that his decision to support Boakai was dangerous and not in the interest of the country.

“I’m regretting my decision. The decision I made was very bad. But nothing I can not now. We are inside it and will live with it,” the source quoted Senator Johnson as saying.

Senator Johnson’s MDR party-Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction gave support to the Unity party (UP) of Joseph Boakai. Johnson is very influential in politics in vote-rich NimbaCounty. Over the past two elections, all candidates he supported won. In 2011, he supported former President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and in 2017, his party supported the Congress for Democratic Change of former President, George Weah.

But he and the CDC could not make it due to what others said was policy difference. During the just ended elections, the UP accumulated about 20.46 percent out of 190 polling of 736 centers.

At present, Senator Johnson has become uneasy with the level of appointments being made by President Boakai, one of the issues he had with former President Weah for which they parted ways.

“But let me tell you here in private, I think it would have been better to run on our own rather than joining forces with the UP. But I will wait to see.  Maybe he will change his attitude. But frankly speaking, I am not happy,” the source quoted the NimbaCounty Senator.

Of recent, the Nimba County lawmaker has complained of not getting access to the President and that agreement reached are being breached, something that could cause political differences between the two in a not too long future.

Please see the results from the National Elections Commission between Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai and George Weah in the just-ended elections considering Nimba County votes.

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