By Mark N. Mengonfia

Monrovia-April-8-TNR:Over one hundred Temporary staffers at the Ministry of Transport are poised to stage a protest in the coming days.

The threat of a protest is coming at the time new Transport Minister, Sirleaf Ralph Tyler is planning to lay off over hundred workers at the ministry.

As part of activities leading to the termination of their being at that ministry, the Minister is reportedly taking some steps which will lead to them (Temporary staffers) leaving the ministry.

According to information gathered by this paper, the over 100 staffers were recruited in 2019 when former President George M. Weah took office.

Communications in the possession of this paper dated June 26, 2019, states that the temporary staffers served a three-month probation, after which they would have gone through all the processes.

“This process is intended to get at those who were hired by the former administration [Weah government,” an informer said. The informer said when the new administration came to power, the Minister requested that the Human Resources Officer to state that the temporary staffers being at the ministry did not go through any process and that their being there was illegal.

“My brother, when the woman refused to lie, he changed her area of assignment, sending her to a dormant position,” the informer added.

According to the informer, the new Minister of Transport has even begun changing ID cards, jackets, and other means they have used to have access to the building.

“In Liberia, they like for people to protest before they listen to them. Let them witch-hunt and we will come out to let them know that when you take bread from one person’s mouth, you are harming many people. By the way, we haven’t done anything wrong, since we came here, we have been active doing our work. I am not sure it was a crime that some of us supported former President, Weah,” another informer said.

The office of new Transport Minister Sirleaf Ralph Tyler is yet to respond to the commemorate sent.

Lemuel O. Kleeme was communicated with via WhatsApp on March 23,2024, and he mandated our reporter to do a former letter with the institution’s letterhead. The communication he requested for was delivered March 25,2024, but there has been no redress to the communication.

When contacted, the Communication Officer informed this reporter that his officer had sent the communication to Minister Tyler.

Kleeme was not clear as to what decisions had been taken as he said he was communicating with his bosses before he made any official statement.

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