Monrovia-April-22-2024-TNR:On Friday, part of Monrovia was at a standstill when some students of the campus-based Progressive Students Alliance ( PROSA) and other Liberians protest against the government of President Joseph N. Boakai.

The protesters during the protest, presented a petition to Liberia’s International partners around Monrovia about Boakai’sregime leadership and what they described as the President’s ineptitude and unbridled bad governance.

According to them, in less than three months, Joseph Boakai and his cronies of state squanderers have proven to be unqualified and incompetent bigots, bastardizing all the laws of the land, amassing ill-gotten properties, killing peaceful protesters and swimming in the cesspool of leadership bankruptcy.

The added in their petition, “The job has overwhelmed the fragile squanderer and we will ensure that he either RECUSE or EXCUSE the republic.”

According to the protesters, the necessity of their peaceful march remains uncompromising and unquenchable adding, “: Declare fire disaster as a national emergency and increase the Fire Service budgetary allotment by 20%; stop the massive looting of the state resources and desist from personalizing the republic as a family enterprise; do not dare dismiss 40,000 civil servants, if you do, we will dismiss the administration; desist from witch-hunting innocent citizens, it is a recipe for pandemonium and these demands are non-negotiable.

“Today, we exposed to the world the increasing sufferings in Liberia and built the foundation as we put democracy on trial. And Mr. Boakai must address these genuine remonstrancesswiftly because tomorrow, the people’s continuous deprivation and social degradation will inform the people’s brutal resistance and stage a new course,” they added.

“This is just the frontispiece of our resolve. We haven’t reached the preface of the revolution,” they added.

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