Monrovia-March-20-TNR:President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., has constituted governing boards of several state own enterprises, institutions, commissions and agencies of government. These appointments where applicable take immediate effect.

Accordinfg to an Executive mansion release, those appointed to the Boards and Institutions are, Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. David Fahart, Chairman, Ministry of Transport, Vice Chair, Ministry of Finance & Development Planning, Member, Ms. Jamaima Wolokollie, Member, Ballah Zayzay, Member, Cllr. Charles Karmo, Member and LCAA Director General, Secretary General.

At the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), the President also appointed the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning as Member; Ministry of Mines and Energy, Member; Ministry of Justice, Member; Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves, member; Mrs. Elizabeth Martu Tubman-White; Cllr. Carlos Smith, Member; Ms. Nematu Richardson, Member and Mr. James Ngenda, Member and the Managing Director, Secretary, and non-voting member of the Board.

 At the Bong County Technical College (BCTC), President Boakai appointed Dr. Charles Mulbah, Chairman; Joseph S. Quoinnah, Co-Chairman; President of BCTC, Secretary; Abraham Nyanforkollie, Member; Theresa Voker, Member; Johnny K. Kpehe, Member (Senate); Robert Flomo Womba, Member (House of Representatives); Bishop Minikon Nyapan, Member; Joe Canmon Gbarmokollie, Member; Superintendent of Bong County, Member; County Education Officer, Member; ArcelorMittal Liberia, Member; China Union, Member; Director General NCHE, Member and the Minister of Education, Ex-Officio.

 At the Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA), President Boakai appointed Mr. Jacob T. Kabakole, Chairman; Cllr. Kou Dorliae, Member; Dr. Momo Roger, Member; Dr. Ansumana Kromah, Member; Mr. Lewis A. Pope, Member and the Director General, Ex-Officio & Board Secretary.00

At the Rural Renewable Energy Agency, the President also appointed Mrs. Doris Watson, Member. At the Liberia Telecommunication Corporation, Boakai appointed Elfreda Tamba, Chairperson; Atty. George Dahn, Member; Gloria Menjor, Member; Minister of Post & Telecom Member and J. Richardson Ndorbor, Board Secretary.

 At the National Transit Authority (NTA), President Boakai named Ben Harleyson as Chairman; Arthur Gliklay Member; Cornelia K. Green Wesley, Member; Ministry of Transport, Member; Ministry of Finance, Member and the Managing Director, Secretary to the Board.

 At the National Insurance Company of Liberia, the President named Joseph Sando Momolu, Chairman; Ministry of Finance & Development Planning; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Transport; Ansumanah S. Jallah, Member and Mamassa Kamara Ja’neh, Member.

A the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), the President appointed Peter Kamei, Chairman; Ministry of Finance, Co-Chair; Ministry of Gender; Ministry of Internal Affairs; Mariam Varflay, Member;  Madia Hodge, Member and Mariama Brown, Member.

At the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), President Boakai appointed Mr. Francis Karpeh, Chairperson; Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh, Member; Firestone Plantations Corporation, Member; Mr. Fred Bass Golokeh, Member; Mrs. Elaine Nemah, Member; Mrs. Mildred Reeves, Member; Comfort Sawyer, Member; Abla Gadegbaku Williams, Member; Varbah Gayflor, Member; Samuel Mitchell, Member; Mr. Edwin Gwilly, Member and Dewitt VonBallmoos, Secretary.

At the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, President Boakai appointed the Minister of Health as Chair; Minister of Justice –Member; Minister of Finance –Member; Minister of Education –Member; Dean of Medical College –Member, President of Liberia Medical & Dental Association –Member; President of Liberia Nursing Association –Member; Chief Executive Officer (CEO) JFK -Board Secretary; Cllr. Izetta Wesley-Member; Madame Clarie Roberts-Member; Rev. Emmanuel Johnson-Member;  Mr. Tony Hage, Member and Rev. Paye Bagnon-Member.

 At the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL), President Boakai named Dr. Stephen Kennedy as Chair; Dr. Angela Benson, Member; Bishop Simeon Dunbar –Member; Dr. Samuel T. Dopoe –Member; Dr. Sia Wata Camanor –Member; Madame Sonia F. Roberts –Member; Minister of Health –Member; Minister of Finance and Development Planning –Member; Minister of Justice –Member; Minister of Agriculture –Member; University of Liberia –Member and Director General serves as secretary and non-voting member of the board.

 At the Board of Directors National AIDS Commission, the President appointed Chairperson, President of the Republic of Liberia; Vice Chairperson, Minister of Health and Social Welfare; Minister of Education; Minister of Youths and Sports; Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism; Minister of Gender and development; Minister of Internal Affairs; Minister of Labor; Liberia Council of Churches; Liberia Chamber of Commerce; Liberia Bankers Association; Liberia Business Association; Liberia Rubber Planters Association; Liberia Federation of Labor Unions; Liberia National Teachers Union; National Muslim Council of Liberia; Liberia Medical and Dental Association; Liberia Nurses Association, and the  Liberia National Bar Association.

Others are, Federation of Liberian Youth; Liberia Marketing Association; Liberia Pharmaceutical Association; People Living with AIDS Representative (female); People Living with AIDS Representative (male); Country Representative of the World Health Organization; Country Representative of UNICEF and Country Representative of UNFPA, the Board of Directors Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI); Minister of Agriculture, Chair, the Director General of CARI, Ex-officio; the University of Liberia and Tubman University; Liberia Institute for Biomedical Research (LIBR); Dr. Walter Wiles, member; Dr. Moses M. Zinnah, Member; Mr. Edward G. Smith, member; Oscar Copper, Member and Dr. Romell Horton, Member.

Those named at the Cooperative Development Agency (CDA) are Ministry of Agriculture –Chair; Ministry of Finance & Development Planning; Ministry of Transport; Ministry of Commerce and Industry; Ministry of Internal Affairs; Liberia Bank for Development & Investment (LBDI); Liberia Land Authority (LLA); Liberia Agricultural Regulatory Authority (LACRA); Liberia National Federation of Cooperative Societies (LNFCS); Liberia Credit Union National Association (LCUNA) and CDA Registrar General of Cooperatives, Secretary.

Those named at the Liberia Agriculture Commodity Regulatory Authority (LACRA) include, Josephine Francis, Chair; Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Finance and Development Planning; Ministry of Commerce and Industry; Ministry of Gender and Development; Cooperative Development Agency (CDA) and Nathaniel Saah, Sr. Member.

Meanwhile, President Boakai has admonished those appointed to continue to demonstrate diligence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty in service to country.

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