LIBERIA NEWS: OPEN LETTER TO HIS EXCELLENCY, AMB. JOSEPH NYUMA BOAKAI SR. President of the Republic of Liberia. 31 January 2023

Your Excellency:

LIBEERIA NEWS Feb 1-Today, Wednesday, 31st January 2024, marks exactly nine (9) days since you were sworn into office as President, Head of State, and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia along with your Vice President, Jeremiah Kpan Koung to exclusively right the wrong in keeping with the mantra of rescuing this country amid its many challenges over decades since its inception, and we still believe with no doubt that your team will solely deliver.

Your Excellency,

in the latter part of December 2023, you sent out a public statement to the world via CNN when you said that upon taking the oath of office, as President of the Republic of Liberia, you shall take the lead by declaring your “ASSETS” along with your Vice President in keeping with the practice of good governance; Liberians at home and abroad applauded you for such assertion.

Your Excellency said promise is yet to be actualized as of today’s date which has drawn the attention of Liberians both at home and abroad about your government’s willingness to lead differently amid the previous criticism against the erstwhile President George M. Weah for not doing the same during his tenure.

Your Excellency, as a team member of the “RESCUE MISSION”, it is my passionate plea that you kindly do the needful in the coming days by declaring your  “assets & liabilities” in keeping with your promise along with your Vice President.

Your Excellency, during your inauguration ceremony, you sent out a message to the world that governance under your administration “will not be business as usual”, and as a person who bears the standard of the people’s rescue mission for the transformation of Liberia, the onus is upon us to sincerely remind you, and your team, to do governance differently for the greater good of Liberia.

Your Excellency, kindly be aware that your rescue missionaries across the country are hopeful that your administration would be more proactive in the interest of the people than being reminded of what to do at a particular given period.

But be as it may, we are here to do the needful to honestly remind your administration to do governance differently, for the general good of our country and the people of Liberia

Your Excellency, Liberians both at home and abroad overwhelmingly voted for us in the 2023 elections for the following reasons:

(1). To carry out a rigorous “AUDIT” of the Weah’s

government, and to  prosecute any culprits thereof appropriately in accordance with the law of the Republic;

(2). To drastically minimize and/or eradicate the issue of drugs in the bailiwick of Liberia to avoid losing the next generation of our country to illicit drugs;

(3). To restore trustworthiness to public service at all echelons with assets declaration, security, accountability, rule of law, etcetera, being top on the list of Liberians;

(4). To put a mechanism into place to de-ratify the CDC’s inhumane “2019 salary harmonization policy” before the end of your six years as Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia as a means of putting smiles on the faces of civil servants and/or public sector workers across the country;

Your Excellency, as you gradually put in place your team of men and women with high levels of probity, you can be assured that many of your struggle heroes and heroines of the rescue mission will keep reminding you, and your team about our collective promises made to the people of Liberia for which we were heralded, as rescue agents and herewith entrusted us with political leadership among the plethora of competitors to govern the state and its people for the first six (6) years of one term..

I am hopeful that you shall succeed if only you can make it your priority to listen to the candid advice from the rescue missionaries who were seen in the trenches, and walking in the distasteful water down Lynch Street and across the country, just five (5) months ago, and other well-meaning Liberians. Oh yes, they are still around to help your administration succeed from day one going forward.

It is important to listen to them because they live in those communities, districts, and counties across the country, with a better understanding of the day-to-day occurrences.

The people of Liberia shall endeavor to always Think Liberia, Love Liberia, and Build Liberia.


Kindest regard,

Josephus Tiawon Zogar Sr- National Secretary General JNB TACT TEAM

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