Monrovia-March-18-TNR:After his confirmation, Mohamed Ali, Managing Director for Water and Sewer Corporation, he has allowed some of these deputies to start work, ignoring the normal confirmation proceedings which usually goes with those positions. Mr. Ali sailed smoothly with his confirmation hearing recently, thus giving him the greenlight to start work.

At the corporation, a number of presidential appointees have resumed work and effecting changes at their will and pleasure.

Some of those who are working without confirmation are; Wilson Gaye, deputy managing director for Finance, Janice Love Bropleh, deputy managing director for Sales and marketing, Patrick Sandikie, deputy managing director for Technical Services and Eddie B. Milller, deputy managing director for Finance.

“Those officials need to be confirmed by the Liberian senate, before they start work, but it is not the case. They are working with total disregard to the senate,” one female at the entity who declined to be quoted told this paper last week.

She said, “no one is against the appointment of them by the president, but the right thing needs to be done. What if they go through the hearing and do not make it, what becomes of them? The right thing is for them to be cleared before you start work. But they are acting like greedy and hungry people who were waiting for announcement to jump to work.”

When the communication director was contacted and sent text message for comment, there was no response.


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