Monrovia-Chenu Achebe’s “Things fall part, the center can’t hold” is what the United Methodist Church is experiencing over how the once hallowed religious institution should handle same sex marriage, which has now become a global human rights crusade.

Western nations that welcomed and inculcated same sex marriage into their governance sphere are mounting pressure on other nations and institutions to follow suit, threatening different political actions against noncompliant nations and governments.

With its western ideological linkages, members of the Church believe it is high time the leadership made it known the direction of the Church on same sex marriage, a practice which is believed in many religious circles to be outlandish to biblical principles.

Last week, the issue which was being discussed in camera was brought to the public glare when Reverend Dr. Samuel Wilson took on Bishop Samuel Quire over his silence amidst raising quest for answer from members of the church.

Rev. Wilson who is Board Chair of the Ordained United Methodist Church Liberia Annual Conference, did not alarm over the Bishop’s alleged silence alone, but also accused Bishop Quire of wrongly dismissing key board members who are demanding to know the church position on the same sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage, also known as gay marriage, is the marriage of two people of the same legal sex.

He told a news conference that for over 50 years, the church has been struggling with the discussion to make homosexual pastors, districts superintendents, Bishops and to allow same sex marriages in the United Methodist Church.

Though Rev. Quire has not been in the position since the founding of the Church in Liberia, he is taking the swipe for the situation, with Rev. Wilson saying that he (Bishop Quire) has continued to misinform the Church in Liberia on the decisions of the General Conference and Decisions of their annual conference.

Meanwhile, Bishop Samuel Quire at a news conference on June 7 said the Church is not a Gay Church and encouraged members to continue seeking God in the right direction.

The crisis took a serious nosedive last weekend when some members and leaders of United Methodist Churches in Nimba confronted Bishop Quire, and demanded him to provide clarity on the church’s stance regarding same-sex marriage.

Reports gathered revealed that some church members even booed and attempted to chase out Bishop Quire during a heated exchange. The members pressed their Bishop to articulate the Church’s position following recent changes to its policies.

It is known that the church has rescinded penalties for ministers officiating same-sex weddings, expanded the definition of marriage to include consenting adults beyond traditional norms, and lifted bans on LGBTQ clergy.

However, in his response to the demands, Bishop Quire said the underscored importance of rejecting practices contrary to traditional teachings while advocating for unity within the Methodist Churches in Liberia.

The incident underscores ongoing debates within the church regarding inclusivity and adherence to established doctrines amidst evolving societal norms.


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