By: Perry B. Zordyu

Monrovia-March-27-TNR:The Ministry of Public Works, Monrovia City Cooperation, Paynesville City Cooperation and the Liberia National Police have officially launched the Extra Governmental Agencies Taskforce in Monrovia.

Giving an overview of the Taskforce, Mr. Cain Prince Andrews said the Extra Governmental Agencies Taskforce is intended to have the oldest city in Africa and Liberia’s capital Monrovia and its environs an organized streets, the need for climate change and beautification of the city.

Mr. Andrews furthered that the exercise will also help to mitigates negative mindset of individuals who believe that only government is to provide sensitive within the city something he said local residents and community dwellers should take the leadin doing.

He named Public Works Ministry, Liberia National Police, Paynesville City Cooperation, Monrovia City Cooperation, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Ministry of Transport aspartnering to ensuring proper safety and cleanliness of cities in Monrovia and its environs.

Also speaking during the launch of the Extra Governmental Agencies Taskforce, the Chief of Public Safety Department at the Liberia National Police, John Saah promised to collaborate with the city of Monrovia government in seeing the need for a green city.

Mr. Saah maintained that with the current condition of the city not in a good manner, he believes with the establishment and lunch of the taskforce will adequately bring back relief not only to residents of the city but to foreigners who normally visit the country.

“Taking petti traders from the streets, streets vendors as well as yannah boys will enable a free flow of traffic. We will also ensure a healthy city and a place for safety of our people,” Mr. Cain Prince Andrews added.

The Chief of Public Safety at the Liberia National Police however, pleaded for the LNP’s full involvement in helping the city become clean as well as straight adherence to the rule of law.

Meanwhile, Public Works Minister, Roland Layfetta Giddings has emphasized the urgent need to enhance sanitation across the city and its environs.

He added that one of the pillars in President Boakai’s agenda is sanitation.

Minister Giddings underscored the need for the Ministry toadhere to the callings of the President’s in the implementation of his agenda by supporting the Extra Governmental Agencies Taskforce.

The Public Works Minister furthered that the zooming unit poised to seeing a trajectory of a clean and green city.

Minister Layfetta Giddings however said that it will enable deplorable structure along the streets to create the avenue for a better movement of both vehicles and human as well as corridors in drainages are made decent.

“You will see some demolition along the streets and some major areas. But we will do it with respect, intelligence and with due diligence. Liberians are not dirty people, we can be like Rwanda, which has the cleanest city in Africa. Let’s step-up and do what is right,” Minister Giddings added.

The Public Works Minister urged partners to work collaboratively in cleaning various cities beginning with the Monrovia City in the interest of the ARREST Agenda of President Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

Minister Layfetta Giddings then reminded the gathering of a consolidated efforts in fostering the dreams and vision of the taskforce at the same time urging citizens to prioritize their role in keeping the city clean.

At the same, Monrovia City Major John Charuk Siafiaacknowledged and openly stressed the need for formable efforts from both collaborating partners, residents as well as the citizenry to foster the beautification of the city.

Major Charuk Siafia said the significance is to engage and seek to have an understanding in working as a team to have such process accomplished.

Major Siafia noted that the exercise will be done into various phases kicking off with the capital of Liberia, Monrovia.

The Monrovia City Cooperation head stressed that the Extra Governmental Agencies Taskforce is not just about doing a single job at a particular time but rather a continuous process until various goals are achievable.

Major John Charuk Siafia furthered that the Cooperation is working on policies to avoid street vendors selling in the city and giving the city a face-lift.

The launch of the Extra Governmental Agencies Taskforce took place at the compound of the Ministry of Public Works in Monrovia.

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