By: Moses M. Tokpah


Monrovia-March-18-TNR:For allegedly killing a 16-year-old boy named Franklin Dargor in Margibi County, Police in Kakata have charged and forwarded to Court an 18-year-old boy, Abel Forkpah.

An anonymous Police source has informed this paper that the incident came to the attention of the Margibi County Police Detachment on Saturday morning, March 9, 2024 about 2:11AM that a man stabbed his friend to death in a village identified as Bassa Village located in Cinta Township, Margibi County and that he (the alleged perpetrator) was mobbed to death by angry crowd.

The Police source further stated that based on the information that was provided, a Detective identified as Alexander S. Diggs, Deputy Commander of the Crimes Service Department (CSD), supported by officers of Weala Police Detail went to Bassa Village at 8:00am to establish the merits there at.

The source reported that the team, upon arrival, received Abel Forkpah, a resident of Kissi Camp, Cinta, Margibi County on allegation that he stabbed victim Franklin Dargor to death.

The source quoted George Dargor, father of the deceased as saying he and his family left their Dargor Village in the same Township on the evening of March 8, 2024 to attend the wake keeping of their relative in Bassa Village.

While they were on the wake about 12:47am, he (the father) only saw his son running after suspect Abel Forkpah and he immediately ran and held his son not to get involve into fight.

The father further informed Police investigators that he took his son aside to inquire from him why he (Franklin) was chasing after Abel, but sadly at that point, he saw blood pouring down the back of his son who immediately fell to the ground and started convulsing.

“Everyone became alarmed and decided lifting the victim to the nearest health facility in Cinta Town about an hour and half away from Bassa Village, but along the way the victim expired, he lamented to the police.

For his part, suspect Abel Forkpah admitted to the Police that he stabbed the victim on his right arm with a shoe sewing needle during a fist fight between them.

Our source added that Abel denied stabbing victim Franklin Dargor on his neck, a stab wound that led to his death. He alleged that the fight ensued between him and the victim after victim Franklin got angry with him for dancing with his sister.

Meanwhile, eye witnesses’ accounts say none of them saw the alleged perpetrator and the victim in any commotion noting that they just suddenly saw the suspect stabbed the victim.

The Police Source then said suspect Abel Forkpah was accorded all rights guaranteed under the law as he was being investigated and subsequently charged with murder and forwarded to the Kakata Magisterial Court on Monday March 11, 2024.

He is being placed behind bars at the Kakata Central Prison pending Court trail.


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