Monrovia-May-17-TNR:Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung has urged his fellow compatriots to champion the cause of unity, maintain peaceful coexistence, and prioritize national interest over individual interests.

Veep Koung made spoke on Tuesday, May 24, when he served as National Orator of the 64th Anniversary of National Unification and Integration in Monrovia.

In his address, Veep Koung emphasized the significance of unity and integration in fostering peace and sustainable development in Liberia and highlighted the country’s journey, including struggles for independence, the integration of Indigenous Liberians into society, and the transition to a multi-party democracy, culminating in a devastating civil war.

Acknowledging past divisions between “Americo-Liberians” and “Indigenous Liberians,”  the Liberian Vice President stressed the government’s responsibility to change these negative narratives and celebrate Liberia’s progress towards representative democracy and emphasized the importance of inclusivity and respect for individual rights regardless of ethnicity.

He applauded stakeholders for their sacrifices in maintaining peace and stability, acknowledging Liberia’s emergence as a post-conflict success story.

Veep Koung urged continued efforts to unify the nation, citing this year’s theme of, “Healing the past, Uniting the Present and Embracing the future through Arts and Culture,” as a pathway to achieve national unity.

Speaking further, Koung urged civility and cautioned against destructive criticisms that could undermine peace and democracy. He emphasized the importance of tolerating opposing views and incorporating diverse perspectives to foster national unity.

The Liberian Vice President at the same time, expressed gratitude to international partners for their support of Liberia’s democratic process and development agenda, affirming Liberia’s commitment to building a better nation.

Concluding, Veep Koung called on all Liberians to prioritize national interest over individual interests, emphasizing that unity and integration are achievable through collective sacrifices.

As Liberia commemorates National Unification and Integration Day, VP Koung’s message resonates, urging all citizens to work towards a united and prosperous Liberia.

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