By Washington Tumay Watson

Monrovia-February-29-TNR:The President of the Liberia Broadcasting System Workers Union, Joseph Sayon has decried the unfavorable living conditions of employees at the institution.

The state Radio staff over the years, have been advocating for better wages that will commensurate with their living condition as state broadcasters.

Reacting to the unfavorable living conditions the state broadcasters are undergoing from past and present governments the president of the Workers Union Sayon on his official social media page indicated,” the lives of journalists at the State Broadcaster must change.“

He further noted on his page that workers at LBS continue to die from curable illnesses because their salary cannot permit them to go to the standard hospital calling for an immediate change at the LBS.

Unearthing the shocking news of the death of the French Newscaster Steve Silibi who was sick and the workers union sought assistance there was no one to come in with assistance to save his life.

“We put out SOS calls during his illness but nobody could identify with him,” the LBS Workers Union President stressed.

Posting his vision on the welfares of his workers as Union president, Sayon asserted, “Dignifying LBS workers in all aspects and promoting a peaceful working environment is my priority.”

Such vision by the workers’ union’s President on the unhealthy wages for workers of the state’s radio have caused lots of staff who have worked over the years on jobs to get ill and die due to lack of funding to fully meet up with their medical conditions.  

Some of those workers who fell il and died without assistance include, the late Mulbah Keesellie (simple English Newscaster) and John Kumeh a producer and newscaster who had to resign because of the condition now Steve Silibi a French Newscaster including others suffered from before their deaths.

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