Liberia News: Jonahsa Foundation honors Zogos Rescuer Evang. Michael Bowen

Monrovia-March-20-TNR:A charitable organization based in Liberia and the United States of America has honored Evangelist C. Michael Bowen Jr for his consistent efforts in transforming drug addicts.

Jonahsa Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization bestowed the honor on Evangelist Bowen over the weekend for his constant fight against illicit drugs and helping hundreds of young people addicted to drugs regain usefulness in the Liberian Society.

At his honoring ceremony, the Evangelist pledged to continue his disadvantaged youth (Zogos) transformational program across the Country till his death. He told the gathering how he too, was addicted without anyone caring about him.

He has found his way out and his lifetime devotion is to show love and care for drug addicts.

“I was addicted to drugs for 25 years in America, living in smoke houses, with no one caring for me,” he told his personal story of addiction to inspire others.

He stressed that his organization sees enormous potential in the Country’s youthful population, specifically the thousands of them living on substances in the Country. “I told my Children, when I die, do not return me to the US for burial but rather bury me in Liberia here,” he continued.

The Preacher man intimated the urgency of every Liberian getting involved in the fight against the menace. “Drugs almost destroy my future, therefore I will not sit and watch young people with great deal of potential get destroyed by drugs,” the Evangelist emphasized.

The American clergyman reaffirmed his commitment to work with the Jonahsa Foundation in the fight against drugs and mental health in Liberia. “I will like to thank the organizers of his program, specifically Mr. Barcon for the unexpected recognition of which I am so thrilled and moved to do,” he continued.

For his part, the Jonahsa Foundation President, Jonah Barcon said one of the major initiatives of the Foundation is finding solutions to people’s Mental Health.

He said under the mental health component, the Foundation is able to provide feeding, clothing, training and other psychological services for the less fortunate people in Liberia.

In addition to his initiative, he named education, agriculture as priority areas for the organization.

He intoned that working with Evangelist Bowen and the rest of the donors is the greatest pride for his vision. “We at Jonahsa Foundation are extremely grateful for your generosity and dedication to the children of Liberia” Barcon stated.

Mr. Bacon’s message was contained in a speech read by Madam Venus Boe during the honoring ceremony on March 17, 2024.

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