Liberia News: Johnson’s family Responds To Gov’t


By Jamesetta D Williams 

Monrovia-March-21-TNR:The promise made to the daughter of the Johnson’s family by President Boakai has not been fulfilled as little Joyce Johnson continues to remind the Liberian leader. 

Recently, the Johnson family has been reminding President Boakai about his promise to little Joyce Johnson. Since the publication of little Joyce’s plea to the President, several government officials have been calling on the writer to take down the story from its website as it is a humanitarian issue and cannot be publicized.

On March 19, the boss of LB Online TV recently received several government officials’ calls to take down the interview video of Little Joyce Johnson, which brought a cold fear to the boss of LB and reporters 

According to Mr. Johnson, in a phone interview, his brother, who drove for President Boakai’s son, Joe Joe, was told to take down the video and post of little Joyce Johnson. 

According to some reporters, we are told that President Boakai is in the know of little Joyce and interviews and posts of him not fulfilling his promise. 

The Johnson family clarified that with the calling and demands of taking down the story, the President hasn’t yet reached any conclusion on little Joyce’s issue as she continues to face lots of problems with her education.

Mr. Johnson narrated that it is not that the Johnson family are not able to take care of their daughter’s responsibility but with their current situation, they are facing things that are very difficult for them and make them uncomfortable.

Mr. Johnson noted that Joyce was attending school before this promise was made to her. As for her father, “I was working as an engineer, sending my daughter to school with the help of her mother’s business. Unfortunately, currently, there are no services for engineers anymore, business isn’t usually going like before our family hands have gone down. That’s why we were happy when we heard the President gave his words to little Joyce,” Mr. Johnson narrated. 

Mr. Johnson disclosed that he is not afraid of what people will say to hm and his family but with what is right by the efforts of his daughter to the President of the Republic of Liberia, he will continue to engage his daughter issue with the media until the government come to their aid. 

The Johnson family cautioned all Liberians and supporters of the Unity Party to stop the provoking and circumstances of influencing the Johnson family as a bad influence of this government or Boakai administration, they just want the right thing to be done for the efforts of their daughter.



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