By Jamesetta D Williams

Monrovia-April-5-TNR:The Johnson’s family has greatly regretted the inconvenience caused by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for giving false hope to their daughter after promising to assist with their daughter Joyce Johnson education.

According to the Johnson family, they were happy to see a representative from the Office of the President who visited their home to acquaint himself with the child school issue for the President to assist the child as he previously promised during the campaign period.

Mr. Johnson narrated that Mr. Amos Weigbah Doe was sent as a representative from the Executive Mansion. Mr. Johnson said they were overwhelmed when they saw Mr. Doe as a direct representative of the President from the Executive Mansion after getting to the media with such taking his complaint against President Boakai to the media.

According to Mr. Johnson, the promised that was made to his (Johnson) daughter, Joyce Johnson has completely been a 419 because there is no sound of hope of fulfillment.

Mr. Johnson disclosed in an interview with the New Republic Newspaper and LB Online TV that his family was told by Mr. Doe that his presence at the Johnson residence is to make an assessment about little Joyce balance tuition.

Mr. Johnson clarified that he is not attacking the government and other officials, but the Johnson family has been mocked as others are saying that they are financially unstable to underwrite the cost of their daughter tuition.

Johnson disclosed that his daughter’s report card was taken by President Boakai’s representative who visited their residence. He said the school is now requesting for the report card describing same as very important to them and the school.

“We don’t want money from governments. As a President, you must be able to fulfill your promises especially to a little girl whose parents are striving to send her to school,” Johnson blasted.

Mr. Johnson added that if the President does not want to fulfill his promise let him be informed that he should never embarrass the government again. He said there was a communication between the school and the representative of the President that the school should give the account number. According to the school, there were processes that went on between the government and their school.  

Acording to him, the school disclosed that they didn’t have bank account, but they did the invoice and sent it to the representative from the Executive Mansion, but up to present nothing has been done.

Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson further said that his daughter has worked very hard to receive such 419 promise from President Boakai. Johnson said if the government doesn’t want to fulfill what they have promised it is okay but his daughter’s report card must be returned to them.

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