Monrovia-March-7-TNR:The compound of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) was on Monday, March 4, 2024 a scene of drama  wen some officials of the Unity Party believed to be high jacking jobs were ran out of the institution.

They have gone to introduce a purported presidential nominee, but they were told that the entity still has an official serving a tenure.

Cllr. Molfie Kanneh whose name is not seen on the Executive Mansion website, had gone to meet with the entity’s senior management to present his reported appointment letter from the Executive Mansion.

The institution still has a current Director General, Mr. Dewitt vonBalmoos who still has about three years ahead of the expiry of his tenure.

Molfia accompanied by senior officials of the UP, introduced himself, and then presented a letter from the President.

Upon receipt of his letter, the head of the NASSCORP senior management team informed the nominee that she had been informed by Mr. vonBalmoos that he vonBalmoos) was still in charge as Director General of NASSCORP.

According to her, Mr. vonBalmoos had told her that Cllr. Kanneh has to make contact with the executive mansion.

She informed Cllr. Kanneh that Mr. vonBalmoos said the Executive Mansion had informed him that he (vonBalmoos) was still the head of NASSCORP.

Additionally, the head of the senior management team disclosed that vonBalmoos had told her that as head of NASSCORP, he has not received any official communication from the Executive Mansion, and there is nothing on the Mansion’s website regarding this development.

She therefore asked Cllr. Kanneh to hear from the Executive Mansion so that they can move forward.

However, Cllr. Kanneh said he did not want to go back and forth on the matter as he took his letter and put it back in his envelope.

It is not clear how some of the presidential nominations, especially those affecting tenured positions, are becoming a problem for President Boakai’s administration.

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